Anti-pesticide cranks responsible for elevated childhood asthma?

June 12, 2011

Crawling culprit seen in urban kids’ asthma

Researchers have identified cockroaches as a potential explanation for dramatic variations between neighborhoods in asthma rates among New York City children.

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Paul Driessen on Oregon Dems’ attack on skeptic’s kids

April 26, 2011

Political Payback – Oregon Style
Paul Driessen

Confused visitors will be forgiven for thinking Oregon State University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Congressman Pete DeFazio and the “progressive-socialist” wing of the Democratic Party. Or for likening what’s going on there to political retribution as practiced in Third World thugocracies. (Townhall)

Greenpeace assault on coal finance

April 7, 2011

Check out this assault on an Australian Bank for their involvement with the mining industry that quite literally sustains the country:

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Further update on Oregon Dems attack skeptic’s kids

March 27, 2011

Crunch time: Payback machine grinding GOP candidate’s kids


Earlier this month, WND broke the sensational story in which Art Robinson – the noted scientist who challenged Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio for Oregon’s 4th District congressional seat in November –alleged some extraordinarily nasty post-election political retribution was underway against his children.

Carbon tax coming to the EU?

March 16, 2011

The European Union’s taxation commissioner plans to propose a new two-part fuel tax, split into a carbon tax of 20 euros per ton of CO2 and a minimum energy tax on motor fuels and heating fuels. (Reuters).

Study: Greens’ red tape costs GDP, jobs

March 10, 2011

A first-of-its kind study from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that stalled energy projects are costing the New York economy $36.2 Billion and More Than 60,000 Jobs. (Progress Denied: A Study on the Potential Economic Impact of Permitting Challenges Facing Proposed Energy Projects).

Update on Oregon Dems attack skeptic’s kids

March 9, 2011

Following on from Oregon Dems attack climate skeptic’s children Art Robinson has posted further information here. Follow the issue on Oregon State Outrage.

EPA GHG regs put biomass plant at risk

March 9, 2011

Thanks to EPA’s new greenhouse gas permitting authority, a proposed Wisconsin biomass plant has come under fire from green activists. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report:

It doesn’t make sense to issue a permit for the project because it would add emissions of carbon dioxide at a rate much higher than a natural gas-fueled power plant, said Mary Booth, an ecologist who is researching biomass projects for a national coalition called the Partnership for Policy Integrity.

“We looked at the permit numbers, and the emissions of greenhouse gases are six times higher from biomass than in the natural gas boiler,” she said. “It’s right there in the numbers, and yet they say we’re not going to consider any further use of natural gas as a way to make this facility cleaner because this is a biomass project.”

EPA has apparently not yet granted the biomass industry an exemption from its rules, and the enviros are making hay in the meantime.

Africa’s killer dares to criticize

March 9, 2011

Check out this galling interview of William Ruckelshaus, the EPA administrator who banned DDT. While Ruckelshaus is correct in criticizing Members of Congress for essentially being willfully uninformed on environmental issues, his criticism is astonishingly arrogant given his own willful (and genocidal) ignorance of facts.

During 1971-1972, the EPA held seven months of hearings and produced 9,000 pages of testimony on DDT. In the end, the presiding EPA administrative law judge ruled that DDT use presented no danger to humans health or the environment. Without having attended a moment of the hearings or reading a page of the transcript, Ruckelshaus banned DDT in the U.S. anyway. The ban was then exported to the rest of the world, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of tens of millions, including millions of children under the age of 5 years.

The willful ignorance of the unapologetic Bill Ruckelshaus is still killing millions today. He’s the 20th century’s only mass murderer to survive and thrive (as a venture capitalist) in the 21st century.

Coal exec: ‘More coal. All the time.’

March 9, 2011

Don’t miss Peabody Energy exec Fred Palmer’s unapologetic interview with The Guardian (UK). Notable quotes include:

  • “We’re 100% coal. More coal. Everywhere. All the time.”
  • “We don’t have a political allegiance. We’re Americans and our political party is coal.”
  • “Anyone who has the notion that we’re going to move away from fossil fuels just isn’t paying attention.”

Amen, brother.