And you thought global warming drove you crazy…

February 23, 2009

The Washington Post reported this morning of a Montgomery County, MD man who packed up his wife and twin 6-year-old girls and moved them to New Zealand — because of global warming.

The man told the Post,

I am not going to predict how the climate might change and how it might affect New Zealand… But quite honestly, I feel in 100 years, one of my daughters is still going to be alive and this planet is going to be a mess. If I didn’t have two daughters, I would not be doing this.

The Post further reported,

But he argued that people who do nothing in the face of risk are the ones who are being irrational: If even a fraction of the consequences of global climate change that scientists are forecasting come true, disasters such as Hurricane Katrina might become the norm, not the exception. In a world afflicted by overpopulation and environmental degradation, he asked, is the irrational person the one who acts or the one who says the future will look after itself?

The Post calls this “ecomigration.” Is that because “eco-insanity” is already taken?

5 Responses to “And you thought global warming drove you crazy…”

  1. Parse Error Says:

    And will somebody please tell me what in the world AGW is supposed to have to do with hurricane Katrina? If it had hit anywhere else it would have just been a run-of-the-mill hurricane like we’ve always had.

  2. Just Beau Says:

    New Zealand is a very nice place, as are New Zealanders. Too bad for them that this chap is en route.

  3. jaclke Says:

    As far as I’m concerned the Greens can all packup and move to New Zealand. One less nut job to vote for stupid laws in this country.

  4. ahrendtd Says:

    @ globalhoax:

    Only problem with a lawsuit is that the court would probably take judicial notice of the IPCC reports and rule aginst you.

    Can’t argue facts when the other side has their own set of “facts”.

  5. globalhoax Says:

    keep up the great work Steve! The green movement is out of control, the EDF now refers to us as “Enemies of Climate Change” I’m tyring to get the truth out too in a little effort with an animated webseries featuring a talking dummy at

    What kills me is how many people buy into the lie despite the facts, and how many laws, regulations, and policies are being put in place citing “global warming”

    I’ve often thought perhaps an ongoing campaign of lawsuits against the greens and the green owned government officials would be one way to put a stop to the nonsense, after all, they are stealing from us in the form of higher costs, higher taxes and diminishing our rights…

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