Pickens says no one opposes his ‘Plan’

February 23, 2009

T. Boone Pickens said in an interview this morning on CNBC that,

… but know this… we’ve never had a person that stands up and says your plan is not good. Nobody has said that… I don’t know… there’s not many op-ed pieces or any thing…

But Steve Milloy has written six FoxNews.com columns critical of the Pickens Plan — one of which Pickens’ team responded to on FoxNews.com.

The Cato Institute’s Jerry Taylor has been critical of the Pickens Plan here and here.

Reece Epstein and David Ridenour of the National Center for Public Policy Research have a lengthy critique here.

Here’s a Wall Street Journal article about Pickens’ critics, who include FedEX CEO Fred Smith and former Kansas governor Bill Graves, who now heads the American Trucking Association.

There are plenty more who have stood up against the Pickens Plan. Yet Pickens denies their existence in his effort to “swiftboat” America into his make-Boone-richer-scheme.

4 Responses to “Pickens says no one opposes his ‘Plan’”

  1. eavesjames Says:

    Here is another article that discusses how Pickens is incorrectly citing government statistics — dramtically over-inflating the benefits of natural gas vehicles.


  2. Raynor Says:

    There was also this excellent article way back in September:


  3. mike@foxreport.org Says:

    Hey Mr. T.
    I was among the fist to criticize the boondoggle. (http://tinyurl.com/c9zzzh)
    This is tax evasion at a level which would have made Al Capone blush. It would produce intermittent, unreliable, nondispatchable energy at horrendously subsidized costs.

    This does not mention the added costs for the need for huge additions to transmission systems, and the need for non-wind spinning energy reserves for those pesky times when the wind doesn’t blow (about 70% of the time).
    Mike Fox

  4. ahrendtd Says:

    He means that no one he reads or listens to has opposed his plan!

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