Why doesn’t Al Gore get this question?

February 23, 2009

In its Feb. 22 interview of Dambisa Moyo, an African activist (the Anti-Bono) who condemns Western aid to Africa as perpetuating poverty, New York Times Magazine reporter Deborah Solomon asked Moyo whether she had a financial interest in a microfinance company mentioned in the interview.

Why is Al Gore never asked about his financial interests? He is, after all, a partner in UK-based Generation Investment Management and in the U.S.-based venture capital outfit, Kleiner Perkins. When Al Gore testified in the Senate in January, he never mentioned, and no Senator asked about the billions of dollars his firms stand to make off global warming regulations.

Are only politically incorrect activists suspected of profiteering?

2 Responses to “Why doesn’t Al Gore get this question?”

  1. Harold Pierce Jr Says:

    God Father Don Al “Fat Al” Gore is running one of the most reliable of the mob’s money schemes: the enviromental protection racket. He has hired James “Jimmy the Enforcer” Hansen as sciientic muscle to provide legitimacy to his rip off the gullible public. Recently, Jimmy the Enforcer was paid 250,00 cans of Heinz beans for his services. Jimmy the Enforcer is aka Jimmy the Sandwich Man, and he has been selling phony balony out of his deli on W. 43rd Street in NYC for 20 years. Keep a sharp eye on Jimmy the Sandwich Man for he always has thumb on the thermometer!

  2. harbinger Says:

    More on Al Gore’s dealings here:

    Not only is Al Gore the most outspoken proponent of radical Malthusian population reduction on the American political landscape, mirroring Prince Philip’s own call for the reduction of world population by 80%. Over the years, Gore has been caught up in a string of British anti-American propaganda schemes, and in virtually every instance, somebody close to Gore has swindled somebody else out of a large amount of money.

    Typical of this Gore/British chicanery was the then-Vice President’s role in a nasty insider trading and consumer-fraud scheme, cooked up by a group of Gore allies, including his long-time mentor Maurice Strong, the Canadian-born guru of Earth Day and the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, who is a top figure in Prince Philip’s and the late Prince Bernhard’s 1001 Club, a tax-exempt cash pool feeding the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and other environmental and Malthusian fronts, created by the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy.

    Golden ADA

    In 1994, Gore was photographed at a Democratic Party fundraiser, arm in arm with a top official of the Russian precious metals firm, Golden ADA. The appearance of the photograph set off alarm bells at the FBI, because Golden ADA was, at the time, the target of a joint U.S.-Russian criminal probe into diamond and precious metals theft, and money laundering. It was credibly feared that the Vice President would intercede to quash the probe—which is exactly what happened.

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