Tax green propaganda?

March 1, 2009

The Washington Post again editorialized today in favor of taxing us by the mile driven instead of by the gallon of gas purchased.

Appearing near the Post editorial is a letter from Gerry Rosenthal of Great Falls, Virgina:

Perhaps there should be a tax on every editorial you write. Then you would feel the pain of being charged just for doing your job. I drive to visit my clients regularly, to generate income. The last thing I need is to be penalized for getting out there to support my family.

Your focus is misguided. The auto manufacturers’ lack of ingenuity should be the target, not me.

A further thought. Many people get their copies of the Washington Post by home delivery, which inevitably involves somene driving a car. Leave it to the liberal media to advocate a tax that would hurt its own employees and business. No wonder newspapers are dying.

6 Responses to “Tax green propaganda?”

  1. greener333 Says:

    Give them a break. They’ve been lecturing us for years to conserve and we have conserved. This results in decreased tax revenues, so, as patriotic Americans, we need to pony up more dough and not ask them to account for how they’ve been spending the monies they got in the past. Remember you are dealing with people who believe a 7% spending increase rather than an 8% increase is a massive cut. They also believe that taking less of your money is spending.

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  3. prcrimm Says:

    It is obivious that the greens have figured out that current fuel user taxes do not work on “electric cars”, “hybrids”, “bicycles”, etc. So how does one pay for the common right of ways. A trial balloon is necessary. Is the population watching? Will they catch on? I can see speedometers being turned back all across the nation.

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  5. justbeau Says:

    Humor lives

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