Cavuto rips Greenpeace rep on being ‘right’

March 2, 2009

Check out this clip of Fox News’ Neal Cavuto interviewing a Greenpeacer today:

[Cavuto]… With the global warming argument you’re pushing companies and a commitment of government monies to address a crisis that might not be the crisis you say it is. And if we’re wrong on this, we have spent mightily and committed a lot of resources that are precious and few to something that might be no more than passing climate change and not the crisis you say that it is — manmade global warming…

[Greenpeacer] Well, again, it’s not what I say. It’s what the climate science says. And I know your job is to stir up debate and pose the opposite point of view…

[Cavuto]… I just want to know what the hell is going on. When it’s warm you’re right. When it’s cold you’re right. When it’s raining you’re right. When it’s blizzarding you’re right. When it’s, like… I don’t know… it just seems you’re always right…

Kudos to Cavuto for pushing back…

3 Responses to “Cavuto rips Greenpeace rep on being ‘right’”

  1. greener333 Says:

    The Greenpeace idiot had one response: it’s getting warmer. No matter that it hasn’t, it is getting warmer. Keep saying it and you will believe it.

    If I had used the same standards in grad school that climate science has, not only would they have not given me the degree, they probably would have sought ways to rescind my BS.

  2. prcrimm Says:

    The factoid that the world “average” temp is rising is a bold faced lie. If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it is the truth. “Scientists” (never named) cannot even decide how to take the world’s average temp. And that is the truth.

  3. chriscafe Says:

    Whenever reference is made to “the Science” you are almost invariably about to be sold some snake oil. Real scientists refer to “the mathematics”, “the physics” etc but never “the Science”.

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