Cap-and-trade a ‘permanent tax increase’

March 3, 2009

A new report from the George C. Marshall Institute says that cap-and-trade will operate as a permanent tax on American families.

Based on last year’s Lieberman-Warner bill that failed in the Senate, the study estimates that the average American household would pay as much as $1,437 more annually by 2015.

Check out my column “Obama’s Climate Rip-off” to see the implications of Obama’s budget proposal on just your electric bill.

2 Responses to “Cap-and-trade a ‘permanent tax increase’”

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  2. justbeau Says:

    Invent an absurd problem: CO2 levels in the atmosphere are sure to lead to a catastrophe of melting the polar ice caps and flooding the Earth.

    Purpose: institute a costly cap and trade CO2 emissions tax so as to raise money.

    Cover story: save the Earth.

    Real story: raise billions to fund government programs and win votes.

    The key to it all: junk science.

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