California’s killer cars

March 5, 2009

As California seeks a waiver from the EPA to establish its own carbon dioxide emission standards for cars, General Motors notes in its annual 10-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that,

… Since CO2 emissions are directly proportional to the amount of fuel consumed by motor vehicles, CO2 emissions per mile are directly related to fuel consumption per mile. In this regard, California’s attempt to regulate CO2 emissions per mile is tantamount to establishing state level fuel economy standards…

This means that the only way to reduce automobile CO2 emissions is basically to make lighter — more deadly — cars.

Should you risk your life for the sake of CO2 emissions?

Take Action

Read this post for directions on how you can urge the EPA to not grant the California waiver.

One Response to “California’s killer cars”

  1. kaziklibey Says:

    Should I or any sane reasonable person risk our lives for the sake of CO2 emissions?

    Of course not, the answer is absolutely no.

    Now the question of whether green pushing numbskulls should risk their lives for the sake of CO2 emissions is an entirely different issue. By all means they should, absolutely so, in fact they should risk their lives whenever and however they can.

    When I was young, long ago, back when humans were free, we even allowed morons considerable freedom, back then freedom was very important. Well, when you leave nature to take of herself she does a great job, and many morons managed to kill themselves long before they could create any serious problems for the rest of humanity. Is nature really so evil that we had to intervene in her glorious design?

    Personally, I see the obvious beauty in nature, and the cultivation and nurturing of an abnormally large idiot segment of the population to serve as exploitables by those who hate nature such as greens do is without question a very unhealthy and unnatural human caused aberration.

    Please do your part to eliminate intentional Anthropogenic Global Human Stupidification, the survival of authentic nature, as true nature intended real nature to be hangs upon your decision in the balance!

    Seriously folks, nature truly is beautiful, and has little if anything in common with what greens are pushing. The truth is we humans are but a speck on an earth that’s less than a speck in the universe, even if our everything’s depended on it, we could not change the climate in any appreciable way, only when we throw our logic and reason out the window in favor of emotionally charged delusion do we lose sight of such obvious truths.

    It was my sincere love of nature that led me to spend most of my life working close to nature, and it was in working there that over the decades I saw all I needed to see to conclude that most “experts” don’t even understand the fundamentals, something that has led to extremely costly efforts to undo damages resulting from their on going “fixes” today to become mistakes of tomorrow. Their behavior has left me shaking my head more times than I can count. Maybe they would have benefited from coming down off their lofty perches and get right down in dirt where it’s really happening. The earth has never had a static environment, and she’s weathered quite well far greater catastrophes than man could ever be. I’ve seen the proof many times, there’s no need to trust me, if you really want to know go look for yourself, nature takes care of herself, the earth is self healing, you can’t not see it, it’s undeniable, if your honest objective is the truth.

    Before Europeans arrived in the New World, Amerindians had an custom of purposely burning huge swaths of forests and plains, they did so to open up new growth that would support the wild game their survival depended upon. So much for twisted present beliefs about Amerindians relations with “mother earth” or did they understand that in nature life often is dependant on destruction to thrive?

    No doubt some areas are so unique and spectacular that they deserve being set aside, and we have done that. On the same token “old growth” most often equals senile degeneration and is often all but completely devoid of life.

    The truth is the truth and does not change at the whims of cult ideologies no matter how widespread.

    To greens, I offer my hand in peace, it’s my hope you will take a break from all you’ve been misled to so mistakenly believe, and take the effort to honestly examine the world for yourselves without preconceived notions of what it is that’s really there, what you will see is certain to surprise and amaze you. Should you instead choose to cling to your twisted religion of falsehoods, may you fail miserably sooner than later, before the damage you’ve brought upon man and nature is for mankind undoable. And you will fail, that is certain, just as the German National Socialists failed at their sick goals, it’s just a matter of how far you go before you are stopped and forever remembered for not the wonderful beings you saw yourselves to be, but for what you really were, sick monsters to whom the end always justified the means and to whom responsibility for causing unbelievable human suffering meant nothing.

    Just how many greens can’t sleep at nights over those who starved and died in the food shortage riots directly resulting from their food to fuel ethanol disaster? Thousands? Hundreds? A couple? Any? If any, very few gave a damn, it’s always easier when someone else is doing the suffering and dying, at least for petty tyrants it is. Putting anyone’s future in the hands of such obvious moral retards as greens is hardly wise to say the least.

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