John Kerry: CO2 regulation won’t work

March 6, 2009

Senate Foreign Relations committee Chairman Sen. John Kerry — a.k.a Mr. Teresa Heinz — said in a March 5 speech yesterday that, even with “the best” climate regulation proposed so far, including the cap-and-trade scheme outlined in President Obama’s budget proposal, atmospheric CO2 concentrations will nevertheless increase and cause “catastrophic and irreversible climate change,” according to Carbon Control News.

Kerry’s statement is based on a forthcoming analysis from the Heinz Center (Teresa Heinz, vice chair of the board of trustees), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Fidelity Investments.

“If you factor in the best of everything that is currently proposed — the best — and if you can presume that we do what is best,” CO2 emissions will still exceed 500 parts per million (ppm) by 2050,” Kerry said, while noting that 350 ppm was the CO2 concentration that policymakers should aim for.

“All the current plans take you to about 550 [ppm], but science has now said 550, 450 is not enough,” Kerry said. “We have to go back to 350.”

Bottom line: As spotlighted in Steve Milloy’s new book “Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them,” the greens want to control your life and destroy your standard of living in return for nothing.

10 Responses to “John Kerry: CO2 regulation won’t work”

  1. dublds Says:

    I love how the whole “the science is settled” crowd never addresses the major scientific shortcoming of their number 1 talking point:

    tax = less CO2

    I understand the part about raising taxes on emitters, and I get the part about raising taxes on consumers, and I get the part about subsidizing alternative fuels. But this has NOTHING with actually, factually, and predictably reducing CO2. What causal link exists between taxes and CO2 levels? By what mechanism does and increase in one, systematically drive down the other?

    Of course these questions are as ridiculous as the assertions themselves. As ridiculous as Mr. Heinz-Kerry getting a vote for president. And as ridiculous as he is for putting his credibility on the line to make scientific predictions in the name of politics. Credibility and politics have nothing to do with each other, and the same is true of John Kerry and science.

    What Mr. Heinz-Kerry fails to see is that in his blind determination to win support for these policies, he and his ilk are touting doom and gloom predictions that literally get worse on a daily basis. Meanwhile the weather that we all experience in the real world shows no evidence of moving ever closer to armageddon from one day to the next. As such most people on the ground have grown suspicious and weary of these so-called truths that defies what they see with their own eyes. So like a bunch of blabbermouth kids spoiling a surprise party by talking about the flavor of the cake, the Greens impatient haste to cash in on taxes and power, will ultimately prevent their main event from ever taking place.

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  3. nerraw1 Says:

    Andy on 06 Mar 2009 at 9:39 pm

    The greatest Greenhouse Gas blanket is water vapor. It is the water evaporated from oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, marshes and some forms of vegetation. It constitutes 70-90% of the total Greenhouse Gas in the atmosphere. It is drawn to the atmosphere by radiactive infrared light created by the Sun. It is not a static number because it is affected by Sun activity, movement of the oceans, Earth weather conditions(storms, precipitation), the times and places of measurements. Differemt parts of the Earth experience seasons at different times of the year. Carbon Dioxide is a trace element in the atmosphere. Its increase does not precede Global Warming. It has not and does not cause Global Warming. For every 100,000 molecules of atmospheric air there are about 40 molecules of Carbon Dioxide. The total weight of the atmosphere is estimated to be 5 quadrillion tons. That is a ‘5′ followed by 15 zeroes. Trilions of dollars will not change the Climate. The cruel farce of Carbon Dioxide Cap and Trade is an evil gimmick to produce more revenue for the Government at the expense of the general population. Preoccupation with ‘Climate Change’ is being used to eradicate the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

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    • magnetrac Says:

      No one seems to even mention the possibility of a system of shades and mirrors in orbit. With today’s technology, we should be able to make the earth any temmperature we want. Magnetrac

  4. justbeau Says:

    Impose an enormous tax, yet still end up with an irreversible climate catastrophe, according to the eminent Senator. A lose-lose.

    And while the US is busy taxing itself back to economic health, other nations will busily spew out CO2 and not hamstring their economies.

    If the President would like to help the US economy, this is precisely NOT the way to help it.

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  6. globalhoax Says:

    not to mention the ridiculous burden on the economy. It been reported that O’s budget is relying on 650bn from cap and trade fees, divide by 300 million people, that’s 2166 each or over 8600 per year per family of for. I hope the conference next week can start some action to put this nonsense to rest, keep up the good work Steve!

    staying anti-green here…

  7. priddseren Says:

    Of course Mr Kerry doesn’t realize there is no human caused global warming.
    The goal of this CO2 insanity and the so called “global warming” is the liberals need a crisis to be able to impose their socialism. There is nothing better than a natural warming period they can blame on a molecule that is part of the biosphere. Because CO2 can’t be measured by any metric to show it is a a problem and Warming will happen on its own, the liberals in the US Democrat party and the socialists around the world will have a perpetual crisis with the ability to make any claims they wish about their success or lack thereof at fixing it. The socialists also get a perpetual source of taxation as a bonus.

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