‘Greening the ghetto’ activist joins Obama admin

March 11, 2009

The San Francisco Chronicle reported today that,

Bay Area environmental activist and author Van Jones will join the Obama administration as adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation, the White House Council on Environmental Quality announced Tuesday.

Jones is touted as having “rock-star status with the green jobs movement” for advocating “greening the ghetto.”

Check out what Rich Sweeney had to say about “greening the ghetto” at the Common Tragedies blog.

2 Responses to “‘Greening the ghetto’ activist joins Obama admin”

  1. […] in love with the idea of cooperating with the U.N. on climate change.    He’s appointed a green czar.   The fact that all those green jobs he’s promised won’t materialize will be […]

  2. […] President Obama touts “green jobs” and has hired a “green jobs czar.” […]

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