Fight the biggest land grab in 30 years

March 13, 2009

As we reported earlier this week, the biggest land grab in 30 years failed in the House this week.

The Land Rights Network just issued the following action alert:

S22: You Won, See How Your Congressman Voted

Look at the hero’s and zeros. You won . . . for now.

Congratulations. Your calls made a difference. You won the first round. Supporters of S22 brought the bill up on a special rule that required a 2/3 vote to win and they lost.

It’s likely they will come back next week or later and try to vote again,
this time under normal majority rules.

You have time to congratulate the hero’s that voted against S22 and try to convince the zeros that voted for it to vote against it next time.

—–Attention: You may have trouble understanding the list of votes below. They had been converted from columns into one column so the alpha listing seems to start and then restart. We decided we would forward this to you as it came to us because of time. The big thing to look for is did they vote for (Yea) S22 (bad) or against (Nay) S22 (good).

We appreciate very much the help we received in getting this vote analysis.

    Action Items:

  1. Please forward this message as widely as possible.
  2. Call your Congressman. S22 will likely receive another vote next week. This time they will use regular rules. They tried to rush it through on the special rules calendar and lost.

    You can call any Congressman at (202) 225-3121. You have no time to waste. You must deluge your Congressman with calls. Make sure he or she knows they’ll get the credit they deserve for this vote.

  3. Congratulate the Congressmen who voted against S22. This is important, as others will be pushing them to change their vote.
  4. Make sure to call the Congressmen who voted for S22. Let them know you are keeping score and keeping a record.
  5. Call your friends and neighbors. Get them to call your
    Congressman. This is a vote you can win. But it must be an all out effort.

Remember, S22 includes over 150 separate bills including Wilderness, Heritage Areas and other types of land grab bills on top of the 32 million acre National Landscape Conservation System designed and pushed by Bruce Babbitt.

This is the biggest land grab in nearly 30 years.

S 22 2/3 YEA-AND-NAY 11-Mar-2009 12:38 PM

BILL TITLE: Omnibus Public Land Management Act

Yeas Nays PRES NV
Democratic 248 3 3
Republican 34 141 3
TOTALS 282 144 6

—- YEAS 282 — These are your zeros.
—- NAYS 144 — These are your hero’s.

Click here to see who voted how.

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