Top Democrat to propose climate welfare

March 13, 2009

Carbon Control News reported today that,

Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA), a senior member of the House Ways & Means Committee and chairman of the subcommittee on income security, is drafting climate change legislation that aims to ensure low-income households are not adversely affected by the higher costs for energy and consumer goods that will accompany federal restrictions on greenhouse gases.

By providing low-income households with direct rebates and tax credits, McDermott views this legislation as addressing “social justice” concerns. A similar proposal was recently made by the Center for Budget Policy Priorities.

3 Responses to “Top Democrat to propose climate welfare”

  1. michaelwsmith Says:

    The alleged purpose of these new carbon taxes is to increase the cost of energy and thereby reduce the demand for it. This, it is argued, is necessary to slow the rate at which we are putting CO2 into the air — all in the name of saving the planet.

    But this legislation reveals that the whole plan is a lie. If “low income” groups are going to be shielded from the higher costs of energy, then they will not reduce their demand for it. And those making over $250,000 a year are not going to turn off their air conditioners or heat just because their utility bills go up. If they are forced by taxation to cut back, they have a lot of other ways to cut back before they decide to shiver or sweat in the dark.

    So we see that the whole global warming hoax is nothing but an excuse to further bleed the nation’s most productive people with no real expectation of achieving any reductions in CO2 emissions.

    The whole thing is a lie, start to finish, perpetuated by the foulest bastards on earth.

  2. spren Says:

    Social Justice means enabling those who aren’t productive to lay claims upon the property of those who are more productive. This means that productive people not only have to pay their share of these unnecessary increases in energy costs, but those of others as well.

    When are we going to hold these pols accountable for violating the Constitution, in this case at least the 13th and 14th Amendments. The 13th says no one can be subjected to indentured servitude or slavery, and the 14th says every citizen is equal under the law. When did Congress decide it had the right to violate the rule book that governs it, the Constitution.

    • jpmillerwp Says:

      Not to mention the grotesque immorality of taking what one produces and giving it to someone who doesn’t produce.

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