8 Dems oppose Obama climate trick

March 17, 2009

The Associated Press reports that,

Eight Senate Democrats are opposing speedy action on President Barack Obama’s bill to combat global warming, complicating prospects for the legislation and creating problems for their party’s leaders.

The eight Democrats disapprove of using the annual budget debate to pass Obama’s “cap and trade” bill to fight greenhouse gas emissions, a measure that divides lawmakers, environmentalists and businesses. The lawmakers’ opposition makes it more difficult for Democratic leaders to move the bill without a threat of a Republican filibuster.

The budget debate is the only way to circumvent Senate rules that allow a unified GOP to stop a bill through filibusters.

“Enactment of a cap-and-trade regime is likely to influence nearly every feature of the U.S. economy,” wrote the Democratic senators, mostly moderates. They were joined by 25 Republicans. “Legislation so far-reaching should be fully vetted and given appropriate time for debate.”

It takes 60 votes to overcome a filibuster in the Senate, but Democrats and allied independents currently control 58 seats…

The Democrats who signed the letter, addressed to the chairman and top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, were: Robert Byrd, W.Va.; Blanche Lincoln, Ark.; Mary Landrieu, La.; Carl Levin, Mich.; Evan Bayh, Ind.; Ben Nelson, Neb.; Bob Casey Jr., Pa.; and Mark Pryor, Ark.

The 25 Republicans were led by Sen. Mike Johanns of Nebraska.

Take action:

E-mail your support to at last one of the following Democrat Senators who are standing against the Obama Climate Railroad:

Sen. Robert Byrd, W.Va.;
Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Ark.;
Sen. Mary Landrieu, La.;Carl Levin, Mich.;
Sen. Evan Bayh, Ind.;
Sen. Ben Nelson, Neb.;
Sen. Bob Casey Jr., Pa.; and
Sen. Mark Pryor, Ark.

2 Responses to “8 Dems oppose Obama climate trick”

  1. winniekaplan Says:

    When the lights go out in the major cities across America I can guarantee you the American people will not care about “failed” Government bailouts, TARP Money, executive bonuses or compensation and least of all who is to blame. Most of us have gone through the four (4) stages of grief: Shock, Denial, Grief and Acceptance.

    Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said yesterday on Fox News, that it is probable that the Government should have let AIG go bankrupt and maybe the Government should have. I don’t pretend to know.

    What I do know is the Government and the Media should stop their feeding frenzy which is devastating to the US travel Industry.
    The Travel industry lost 200,000 job in 2008; 247,000 more jobs are estimated to be lost in 2009. Hotels, restaurants, taxis, airlines, cruise lines, buses, and limousine companies are being destroyed at an alarming rate because of the unending Media coverage of AIG.

    As usual, no one in Government is responsible and the Government and Media are looking for someone to blame for the irresponsible handling of the TARP money……The people get it. The money is gone!

    But what we don’t get is why the Government and Media is “fiddling” while our cities are “teetering” on disaster. Can you please give us some information on that looming crisis?

    Jonna Sabroff
    Vice President & Executive Chairman
    Greater California Livery Association (GCLA)
    Representing 5,000 limousine companies in California

    Jonna Sabroff
    Integrated Transportation Services, Inc. (ITS)
    Direct: 310-553-4355
    Cell: 310-922-8113
    Fax: 310-558-0748
    Email: Jonna@itslimo.com
    Website: http://www.itslimo.com

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