AutoNation CEO wants higher gas prices

March 17, 2009

As related in today’s Wall Street Journal entitled, “Tax My Products, Please,” AutoNation CEO Michael Jackson said at a conference earlier this month that

“We need more expensive gaosline.”

Why would Mr. Jackson adopt such an anti-consumer, anti-car and anti-his-own business attitude? The WSJ reported that,

While last year’s energy spike briefly encouraged small-car sales, Mr. Jackson complained that those sales have plummeted with gas prices. “I have fuel-efficient vehicles parked at my dealerships as far as the eye can see. I can’t give them away.” He figures a tax that guarantees a gas-price floor of $4 a gallon is a “good start.” [Ford CEO Alan Mulally], for his part, talked about how good Ford’s sales of small cars were in Europe, and that “one of the reasons is that gasoline and diesel is somewhere between seven and nine dollars a gallon.”

Jackson won’t suffer if gas prices go up. He made $4.5 million in 2006 and $3.4 million in 2007. While information on his 2008 compensation will be released later this month, it could very well be in the same neighborhood since his base salary is $1.1 million.

Take action:

E-mail AutoNation CEO Michael Jackson and tell him that his problem could be resolved by selling vehicles that Americans want to buy — like SUVs. You may want to mention that higher gas taxes are regressive and will hit those in lower tax brackets much harder than it will multimillionaires like himself.

One Response to “AutoNation CEO wants higher gas prices”

  1. dublds Says:

    That’s right. Yet another out of touch CEO bailing on his customers in lieu of having the government mandate money into his bank account.

    Keep in mind that the only reason CEOs have this course of action to pursue is because we have given the government this much power.

    By the way, the reason nobody buys cars from AutoNation is because they charge too much for their cars. And rather than address their failed business model, their incompetent CEO wants the government make mandates that favor them. Looks like my streak of buying ZERO cars from AutoNation will continue.

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