Obama Energy Chief: Climate a trade ‘weapon’

March 18, 2009

The Wall Street Journal reported today,

Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Tuesday advocated adjusting trade duties as a “weapon” to protect U.S. manufacturing, just a day after one of China’s top climate envoys warned of a trade war if developed countries impose tariffs on carbon-intensive imports.

Mr. Chu, speaking before a House science panel, said establishing a carbon tariff would help “level the playing field” if other countries haven’t imposed greenhouse-gas-reduction mandates similar to the one President Barack Obama plans to implement over the next couple of years. It is the first time the Obama administration has made public its view on the issue.

“If other countries don’t impose a cost on carbon, then we will be at a disadvantage…[and] we would look at considering perhaps duties that would offset that cost,” Mr. Chu said.

While trade is a proven tool of international economic growth and peace, green is shaping up to be a tool of protectionism and international hostility.

One Response to “Obama Energy Chief: Climate a trade ‘weapon’”

  1. dublds Says:

    Apparently the trade deficits that saw millions of manufacturing jobs here in the US go overseas or to Mexico and South America didn’t warrant such action.

    But when it comes to a global free money grab for our government, all options are on the table.

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