Nature centers = Ideological child abuse?

March 26, 2009

In her article “Nature centers helping grow next generation of scientists,” Mary Spiro writes,

When I was a kid, I loved visiting my local nature center, which at the time happened to be the Clearwater Nature Center in Clinton, Md. I think the hours I spent examining the bones, pelts, stones, leaves, shells and other “please-touch” exhibits contributed to my love for animals, the environment and science in general.

And who knows, the next E.O. Wilson or Rachel Carson may be developing his or her love for natural science at your local nature center. [Emphasis added]

Rachel Carson, of course, was the the junk scientist who kicked off the anti-DDT campaign that resulted in the needless deaths of tens of millions of Africans from malaria.

Then there’s E.O. Wilson’s sentiment,

“The living world is dying.”

If this is what we hope nature centers do for our kids, we ought to shut them down ASAP.

3 Responses to “Nature centers = Ideological child abuse?”

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  2. […] Little anti-green devils Just when you thought things were looking up for getting the facts out — I mean, even Sen. Tom Coburn lifted his hold on the bill to name the post office after Rachel Carson — along comes Green Hell Blog. […]

  3. Ed Darrell Says:

    Rachel Carson a junk scientist? No, that would be Steve Milloy.

    Here’s the challenge: Cite one thing in Carson’s book that has been found to be in error. If you check it out, you’ll find there is no research to contradict anything she said — at least, not any non-junk science research, nothing from the reputable science journals, nothing from the national and international health agencies.

    DDT has never been banned in Africa. Even today, after the POPs Treaty, there is a special exemption for DDT.

    Let’s hope the next Rachel Carson is studying nature. God knows we need more like her.

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