‘Green’ NBC saves $2 million; Execs go thirsty

March 30, 2009

NBC Universal announced today that it saved $2 million in 2008 by going green — that is, reducing power use and reducing bottled water consumption by executives.

So how much water do NBC execs drink? And how do we know that NBC’s power savings aren’t more appropriately attributed to 2008’s poor business climate.

Of course, NBC Universal had 2008 revenues of almost $17 billion — so the alleged savings, if they’re even true, hardly qualify for significant digit status.

A more effective cost-saving strategy for NBC’s parent company, the global warming-lobbying General Electric, saved $12 million by forcing its disastrous-for-shareholders CEO Jeff Immelt to waive his 2008 bonus.

One Response to “‘Green’ NBC saves $2 million; Execs go thirsty”

  1. johnnylucid Says:

    ROFLMAO! This could have been twice as funny if GE was still in the plastics business!

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