Clean energy = ‘Large, centralized solutions’

April 3, 2009

In today’s Wall Street Journal article spotlighting the greens’ opposition to their own “solutions,” a spokesman for the World Wildlife Fund said that the only clean-energy options likely to matter are,

“large, centralized solutions… That’s the way it is… “We all grew up with this kind of mantra that small is beautiful… [But that] is not a model for a highly modernized, global world.”

There’s also a slight focus on green double-talk:

Late last year, the influential Natural Resources Defense Council helped sponsor ads ridiculing coal-industry ads boasting about progress toward cleaning up coal. “In reality, there’s no such thing as clean coal,” said a print version of the ad.

But last month, the NRDC, along with the Environmental Defense Fund, another prominent group, hosted workshops advocating more spending on clean-coal research. The rationale: Coal will remain a crucial fuel for decades, so it makes sense to try to clean it up.

“If NRDC had written all the ads by itself, we probably would have had a more nuanced ad,” says NRDC climate expert David Hawkins. “But it probably would have been a nuanced ad that doesn’t get noticed.”

If we let these people takeover, we’ll have earned the “final solution” they have in store for us.

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