‘Useful Idiot’ of the Day

April 6, 2009

David Frum’s dubious attempt to “[build] a conservatism that can win again” features a piece from Washington, DC attorney John Murdock entitled “Global Warming: It’s true, get used to it.”

An earlier posting by Murdock reveals his basic thinking:

  • CO2 could do to Earth what it is doing on Venus;
  • Increases in CO2 and temperature are correlated; and
  • CO2 levels are higher today than they have been for thousands of years.

If this is the “the new conservatism under construction,” Murdock and Frum (who edits the NewMajority.com blog) are going to need hard hats.

Read Steve Milloy’s FoxNews.com column “Al Gore and Venus Envy” for a debunking of the Venus point and watch Steve Milloy’s award-winning YouTube video “Al Gore debates global warming” for a debunking of the other CO2 factoids.

Worse than his ignorance is Murdock’s cavalier dissing of columnist George Will, Chris Horner (author of Red Hot Lies), Weather Channel founder John Coleman and Steve Milloy (author of Green Hell).

For his clients’ sakes, I sure hope Murdock is better at lawyering than blogging about global warming.

Finally, conservatism doesn’t need to be rebuilt; it just needs to offer candidates that are actual and articulate conservatives — i.e., no Bushes and/or McCains need apply. Meantime, the greens will no doubt applaud the well-intentioned fools who call themselves “conservatives” while advancing the socialist cause in America.

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