Bamboo-zled: The veneer of a ‘green’ laptop

April 12, 2009

This ABC News video, “Combatting ‘Vampire Energy’” spotlights the alleged eco-friendliness of Asus’ new laptops made with bamboo. While soaking in the the video’s empty-headedness is worth the 5 minute-watch, the relevant portion begins at 3:55 — just in case you’ve already reached the saturation point on green vacuity and want to fast forward to the laptop part.

About the laptops, ABC’s Andrea Smith reports:

… What’s great about it is that it’s not plastic, so that, No. 1, it looks really cool. You’ll look like you’re totally eco-friendly and very chic… The No. 2 thing is that when you’re done with this and you need to recycle it, there is no plastic here to clog the landfill… It’s bamboo and it’s a self-regenerating plant and there’s lots of it.

So let’s consider the Asus bamboo laptop, Ms. Smith’s report, and, importantly, reality:

  • There is still plenty of plastic used in the laptop. Only the case is bamboo. And what about the bamboo’s shiny urethane finish?  Despite the name, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have generally been viewed by the greens as  environmentally-incorrect.
  • Bamboo doesn’t recycle so much as it decomposes — giving off greenhouse gases. The plastic in laptops can be and is often recycled for other uses. The plastic is actually a better “carbon sink” than the bamboo.
  • Recycling doesn’t matter anyway — almost all laptops are thrown in the trash. Fortunately, there is no shortage of landfill space. In fact, the U.S. has more landfill capacity than ever before.
  • Most bamboo comes from Vietnam and China. Not only are greenhouse gases emitted while farming bamboo, but transporting the bamboo or bamboo finished products to the U.S. involves even more greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Asus bamboo laptop costs $732.81 more than the comparable Asus plastic laptop on
  • Bamboo is not necessarily eco-friendly. Growing bamboo on a mass-scale requires lots of water, energy and fertilizer inputs. Without fertilizer, continual harvesting of bamboo will deplete the soil in a short-time.

The bottom line on Asus bamboo laptop?

You may look cool, chic and eco-friendly, as ABC’s Andrea Smith says, but the reality is you’re being fooled and ripped-off, while doing nothing for the environment.

7 Responses to “Bamboo-zled: The veneer of a ‘green’ laptop”

  1. camelot10 Says:

    RFK and family were telling us that the Obama’s were the new Camelot generation with all of their glittering romance and optimism. Someone told me that RFK was seen hauling a 200 ton chunk of coal to Mt Rushmore to add his face what has happened to their relationship, and where is that huge chunk of coal.

  2. penny65 Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how the average citizen can see right through this scam..and we pretty much always have..while wealthy, famous persons and ALL governments cannot see what is coming. Of course, the rich, famous and government connected are NOT going to notice the rise in prices of everything everybody uses and needs from taxes, fees, costs to consumers, etc.

    I am soooo sick and tired of this PC crap!!!

  3. 356jim Says:

    mhenry47 states “ask this guy milloy how he feels about funding arab terrorists every time he fills up his SUV.” If the Greens and envirowhackos would acede to drilling for Americas copious oil and allow nuclear – both of which can be very safe, we wouldn’t be at the unfriendly world’s mercy for oil. While I would never own an SUV, everyone has a “right” to them but I would appreciate it if these people would realize their envy factor and learn to overcome it.

  4. mhenry47 Says:

    ask this guy milloy how he feels about funding arab terrorists every time he fills up his SUV. My alternative energy motivations are not “green” or politically motivated, or fashionable. I just don’t like giving all my energy money to people who want to kill me!

    • jcscuba Says:

      Then if you want to do something productive, contact your members of congress and our president and demand that we drill our own oil while we are trying to find alternative sources. To date, and that which the government is subsidizing, surprise, doesn’t work. We could also use the same percentage of nuclear power the french do. BTW you want to learn anything about GW..Meloy is one of many that can teach you how to debunk the myth.

  5. […] Milloy keeps you informed with his new site Green Hell Blog. As always you can find great information at his JunkScience web […]

  6. justbeau Says:

    The “look” is what matters. Green consumers will pay a higher price in order to look green.

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