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Newsmax: Obama to cause ‘energy chaos’

April 14, 2009 reports,

Fox News commentator Steve Milloy, founder of the Web site, tells Newsmax that the U.S. is at “the point of no return” as the Obama administration is set to implement environmental policies that will lead to “energy chaos” in this country.

Click here to read the entire Newsmax interview with Green Hell author Steve Milloy.

Bedbugs are back — greens to blame

April 14, 2009

Bedbugs are back — thanks to anti-pesticide green policies.

The Associated Press reported today that,

Faced with rising numbers of complaints to city information lines and increasingly frustrated landlords, hotel chains and housing authorities, the Environmental Protection Agency hosted its first-ever bedbug summit Tuesday.

And why is this happening?

One of the problems, according to researchers and the pesticide industry, is that there are few chemicals on the market approved for use on mattresses that are effective at reducing bedbug numbers. The appleseed-sized critters have also developed a resistance to some of the chemicals on the market.

The EPA, out of concern for the environment and the effects on public health, has pulled many of the chemicals that were most effective in eradicating the bugs from the U.S. over the last 50 years — such as DDT — off of shelves.

What solutions are being considered?

Because the registration of new pesticides takes so long, one thing the EPA could do is to approve some pesticides for emergency use, Miller said.

The pesticide management industry will be pushing for federal funding for research into alternative solutions, such as heating, freezing or steaming the bugs out of bedrooms.

“We need to have better tools,” said Greg Baumann, a senior scientist at the National Pest Management Association. “We need EPA to consider all the options for us.”

Waxman climate bill: A ‘de facto’ coal ban

April 14, 2009

The Washington, DC consulting firm Clear View Energy Partners says the recently introdcued Waxman-Markey climate bill is a “de facto ban” on new coal-fired power plants, according to a report in today’s Carbon Control News.

Waxman-Markey would impose “a major barrier on the construction of new facilities without carbon capture and storage facilities,” CVEP told CCN.

Click here for more info on carbon capture and storage.

Click here for the Waxman-Markey bill.

Insurers: Econoboxes deadly

April 14, 2009

From today’s New York Times article, “Study Says Small-Car Buyers Sacrifice Safety for Economy“:

Consumers who buy minicars to economize on fuel are making a big tradeoff when it comes to safety in collisions, according to an insurance group that slammed three minimodels into midsize ones in tests…

… The [Insurance Institute for Highway Safety] concludes that while driving smaller and lighter cars saves fuel, “downsizing and down-weighting is also associated with an increase in deaths on the highway,” said Adrian Lund, the institute’s president.

“It’s a big effect — it’s not small,” he said in a telephone interview.

Click here for the IIHS report.

No stop signs. No speed limits. Econoboxes will put you on the highway to green hell.