Green TEA party: EPA seeks public input on proposed CO2 ‘endangerment’ finding

April 17, 2009

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking comment on its proposed finding that greenhouse gases threaten the public welfare. The agency will be accepting comments from the public for 60 days.

Click here for the EPA proposal.

Take action:

It’s time for a green TEA party. Tell the EPA that you are taxed-enough-already and that you oppose the agency’s use of junk science to tax and regulate you even more.

Click here for information on submitting your comments to the EPA.

10 Responses to “Green TEA party: EPA seeks public input on proposed CO2 ‘endangerment’ finding”

  1. spren Says:

    Isn’t it rather ironic that the EPA unleashes its “shot” on Patriots Day.

    This used to be when we celebrated “the shot heard around the world.”

    Now it will be remembered as when liberty and freedom were shot by the mutated and disturbed progeny of those great patriots that put everything on the line for freedom.

    What a disgrace.

  2. cbullitt Says:

    I emailed everyone in my blog’s contact list and referred them here. This is one of the few shots we have. I know it’s a pro forma “get public comment” move before they do what they want, but if enough of us say, “NO FUCKING WAY,” maybe enough pressure can be brought to bear. Someone needs to count the responses–so they don’t lie about the percentages. I have no idea how that can be done independently from what the EPA “says”.

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  4. geophys55 Says:

    Okay, I sent my little part to the feds and I’m not afraid to bore y’all (yous) with it.

    To whom it may concern,

    Let me first establish my credentials. I am a working Geophysicist with 35 year of experience. While my current work does not include climate science, I am certainly qualified to read and understand such work. Some time ago, I took an interest in the idea of Global Warming and I began to read about the subject. I did not limit myself to the popular press, but rather, I explored the scientific literature to see what the true situation is. What I found was not what I had expected.

    Concerning Greenhouse gasses I would like, first of all, to tell you that the largest contributing gas to the greenhouse effect is water vapor. Without water vapor in the form of clouds or just humidity the Earth would be a frozen ball of ice covered rock. Carbon dioxide does, also contribute to this effect. It is however a small element in the mix. Of that Co2, the overwhelming majority of it comes from natural processes (like forest fires, volcanoes, rotting animals and vegetation and so forth) and has nothing to do with human activities.

    Those who tell you that human produced carbon dioxide is a danger to mankind are either misinformed, politically motivated or delusional. The recent past has been warmer because we are emerging from a natural fluctuation called the “Little Ice Age” that occurred roughly between about 1400 and 1800 AD. This period of climate is very well documented by historical accounts and is in no way a fiction made up by “deniers” of global warming. Before that time was a warmer period known as the Medieval Warm Period or the Medieval Climate Optimum. In those days, grapes were grown in Northern Britain and the Vikings colonized northern parts of Greenland (which was actually green, then) where no crops can be grown today. There was another such time called the “Roman Warm Period” that happened around 300 BC to 100 AD. It is also well documented in historical accounts and, indeed, some of the recently retreating glaciers have uncovered frozen tree stumps that can be carbon dated to about that time. These are not figments of “deniers” imaginations but cold hard facts- both literally and figuratively!

    The fact is that the Earth’s climate has fluctuated, warm and cold, for all of the Earth’s history. The climate has been very much hotter than today and very much colder. The fact that there are ice covered poles at this time in geologic history is quite unusual for the Earth. The global warming alarmists will tell you that polar bears are endangered. The truth is that the same species of polar bear has survived periods that were much hotter, when there was no ice at the North pole and much colder periods when glaciers covered much of what is now Canada and the northern US.

    I’ve told you that so I can tell you this: There is no reason to restrict carbon dioxide. In fact there is no way to do so even if we tried, because, for example, India and China will continue to make coal fired power plants, with no thought of pollution control, for the foreseeable future. We will only strangle our own economy for no gain whatsoever.

    Having said that I would like to point out that 95 percent of our national energy supply is from conventional resources like oil, coal, natural gas, hydro-electric dams and nuclear power plants. The sector of wind and solar energy -combined – makes up one third of one percent. If we were to add an amount equal to all the solar and wind energy we now produce every year for 100 years, it would not replace the energy we now produce. In fact the amount of solar and wind energy now producing (added every year) would barely keep up with the increase in energy demand and do little to replace any other source.

    I hope you will consider these facts (I have gone to great pains to check these numbers and I hope you appreciate that). I hope you will consider these facts and stop to think of the tremendous cost in jobs, economic progress and human suffering that will inevitably come about if carbon dioxide is taxed and our vast majority of national energy sources are outlawed.

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  6. tarpon Says:

    I sent them an e-mail. I doubt they care. It’s all about taxes and control. Science need not apply.

  7. jgeckerle Says:


    Can you provide some language for a credible response. I would like to try and generate as much activity as possible in my network but do not feel qualified to write a comment that makes sense.


    • roywh Says:

      The credible response is simply that CO2 is incapable of doing what they blame it for doing. The very well known physics of the gas makes it impossible for it to cause more than a trivial increase in temperature. The warming response to increased CO2 is logarithmic, meaning that if you get X warming for Y CO2 increase you have to add 10 times Y CO2 to get another X amount of warming. The thing is essentially self limiting. This is a bit simplified for the sake of illustration. But it’s the truth, CO2 can’t do what they claim for it.

      You might also point out that actual reliable surface temperature readings show that overall the planet is cooling, not warming.

      You can find material to support all this on

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