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Endangered agenda: Greens mount ad hominem Amazon attacks against Green Hell

April 20, 2009

If you need more evidence of the intellectual vacuity of the green agenda, you need look no further than the customer review battle over Steve Milloy’s new book, Green Hell: How Environmentalists Want to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them.

As of the evening of April 20, the newly published Green Hell had garnered 14 Amazon customer reviews — 6 five-star (love it) and 8 one-star (hate it) ratings, and nothing in between. It doesn’t get too much more polarized than that.

The five-star ratings seem to have been written by thoughtful people who have actually read Green Hell and seem to be very helpful to would-be purchasers. In fact, of the 358 would-be purchasers who read the five-star customer ratings, 273 (more than 76%) thought the reviews helpful. In contrast, of the 304 who read the one-star customer reviews, only 64 (21%) thought them helpful.

It’s no surprise why so few customers thought so little of the one-star reviews. None of them raise any substantive points about any of Green Hell’s content so much as they level one ad hominem attack after another against the author and his opposition to the greens. From comments like “Milloy’s delusional propaganda” to “poison for the mind” to “sad, angry and dumb,” not a single detailed criticism is offered to any fact or point made in Green Hell.

The customer ratings battle over Green Hell offers insight into why Al Gore and the other greens don’t want to debate Steve Milloy or any other opponent of their agenda — ad hominem attacks won’t win many points with an audience.

Maybe what the greens really need is something that is as natural to them as humanity is to the rest of us — yet another counterproductive, liberty-eating government mandate.

Call it the Endangered Agenda Act — so that rather than embarrassing themselves by being forced to display their intellectual and moral bankruptcy in defense of their indefensible, anti-people beliefs and actions, inconvenient truths like Green Hell could simply be banned.

Extreme greens: No 2nd child

April 20, 2009

From today’s highly recommended Washington Post article entitled “D.C. Area Families Take Green to the Extreme,”

For Iklé-Khalsa’s wife, his push for green living has affected a much bigger decision.

“I’m 40, so my clock is going boom! Boom! Boom! Sometimes, I just roll my eyes and go, ‘Come on, honey, think about who our child could be!’ ” said Mimi Iklé-Khalsa. But her husband says a second child could have too high an environmental cost. “We’ve had the discussion of, ‘If we have another biological child, it means we never fly,’ ” and do other things to offset the child’s carbon footprint, she said.

EPA Endangerment: Summary of Science

April 20, 2009

Click here for EPA’s summary of the science that allegedly justifies its endangerment finding concerning greenhouse gases.