Dutch block Shell’s plan to bury CO2

April 21, 2009

Bloomberg reports,

The Dutch town of Barendrecht has a message for Royal Dutch Shell Plc: Not under my backyard.

The oil company and the Netherlands government intend to build the first of a new generation of carbon-dioxide storage facilities in two depleted natural-gas fields in Barendrecht. The plan is to capture emissions from a gasification hydrogen plant at Shell’s nearby Pernis refinery and then store the CO2 more than a mile below area homes, preventing the greenhouse gas from reaching the air and harming the environment.

“I don’t think this is the solution to the CO2 problem,” said 53-year-old resident Gerard van Gils. “Why do a project in a residential area and not offshore? The atomic bomb wasn’t tested under Manhattan. To me this means: Not under my backyard.”

Anyone who thinks we will ever be burying CO2 from coal-fired power plants — the only way to “safely” use coal according to Al Gore and Energy Secretary Steven Chu — is simply out-of-touch with the realities of NIMBY-ism stoked by the green anti-coal jihad.

One Response to “Dutch block Shell’s plan to bury CO2”

  1. wizardjr Says:

    The entire CO2 scam is ludicris to begin with.

    The failure of the world’s educational systems allows populist stupidities like this to go on without serious challenge from the major arbiters of populist fads. CO2/end of the world stuff is so anti-science.

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