NY Times: Less water for less development in Wyoming

April 21, 2009

The New York Times editorialized today in favor of depriving westerners of water in order to reduce development. From its editorial entitled “De-Watering Wyoming,” the Times wrote:

A developer named Aaron Million has proposed to build a private, 560-mile-long, 10-foot-high pipeline from Wyoming’s Green River Basin, along Interstate 80, and then south along Colorado’s Front Range to Denver and Colorado Springs. The pipeline is meant to carry water — more than 80 billion gallons a year. Last week, the Army Corps of Engineers presented the proposal in the town of Green River, Wyo., where it was met with outrage…

The path to sustainability for the Front Range is less development, not more.

Beware of environmentalists uttering “sustainability”; it’s green-speak for “no development.”

One Response to “NY Times: Less water for less development in Wyoming”

  1. justbeau Says:

    Its good to be wary of developers surnamed Million, who want to rob rivers of water.

    Let the good folks of Denver annoy the Greens by drinking bottled water or build a desalination plant in California and pipe some H2O east.

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