WSJ columnist: Make pick-up trucks too costly to own

April 21, 2009

In his Wall Street Journal column today entitled, “Can Small Cars Overcome Crash Fears?“, Joseph B. White suggests pricing trucks out of the range of people who want to own for non-work reasons:

The government should also require large pickup trucks to be substantially more efficient, which would also likely make them more expensive, Mr. Wenzel says. People who could prove they need a truck for work could get a tax break to offset the added cost, but not people who want to use a truck as a personal commuter vehicle, he says.

“If people want to use trucks as cars,” he says, they should be considered “a luxury item.”

No thanks, Mr. White. Safety is not a luxury item.

3 Responses to “WSJ columnist: Make pick-up trucks too costly to own”

  1. geophys55 Says:

    You know, you people should go your own way. If you think you are helping your environment by taxing people who work for a living in favor of those who sit around and do nothing – then, more power to you.

    I think I will go my own way as well. I may be with a lot other of folks in a New Land of Free Enterprise and Freedom.

    Geophys55, Houston (that would be in Texas)

  2. colsandurz Says:

    When I last purchased a vehicle, I looked for something that was functional and fuel efficient. What I purchased was a compact 4-cylinder Ranger. I know the quote refers to large pickups, but this stuff has a way of trickling down. While not as fuel efficient as a Carolla, the truck has been useful in moving furniture, building supplies, and landscaping. If I were to purchase a sedan or SUV that could handle the types of tasks that I have repeatedly used my pickup for, it would likely have lower than the average 22 mpg I have been able to get. Guess hauling around a lightweight empty box behind me on my daily commute takes less fuel than an enclosed trunk and 3 extra, unused seats. Go figure!?

  3. wizardjr Says:

    I am so-o-o-o-o sick of fascist butt monkies trying to force me to live as they like instead of as I like.

    For the last five years I’ve been doing remodelling and landscaping projects on my house and land. In addition, I live in snow country. So, an F150 4-wheeler is working ideally for me. Add to that, that the wife and I have to travel 400+ miles to see any of the family, so I bought a Signature series Town Car for our road trips. I refuse to spend 6+ hours in a 4-speed rollerskate.

    To top it off, the wife has been in two major car crashes (caused by the other drivers). In the first case she was driving our old Ford Country Squire station wagon. In the second case she was driving our (previous) F150. In both cases, the large vehicle (of ours) kept her from serious or fatal injury. I actually drove the staion wagon out of the impound lot to home after it cut a Cutlas in half.

    Bugger off hippie! Keep your paws off my F150 and my toilet paper butt munch.

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