RFK Jr: Obama an ‘indentured servant’ of coal industry

April 22, 2009

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called Barack Obama an “indentured servant” of the coal industry, according to ABC News. According to the report:

“Clean coal is a dirty lie,” says environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who calls President Barack Obama and other politicians who commit taxpayer money to develop it “indentured servants” of the coal industry.

Last month RFK Jr prescribed “eternity in jail” for a coal CEO. When the greens take over, Barack Obama may just get the same sort of scrutiny that he’s planning for the Bush administration with respect to terrorist interrogation!

10 Responses to “RFK Jr: Obama an ‘indentured servant’ of coal industry”

  1. camelot10 Says:

    I enjoy watching the Kennedy’s destroy themselves including Caroline who appeared on television looking like a burned out crack head, even the Vatican didn’t want her.
    RFK Jr. is in a class all of his own, his whining high pitched voice sounds like chalk running over a blackboard. This poor liberal was so obviously shorted when it came to receiving his portion of the Kennedy DNA.

    We need him as a spokesman for the liberal left environmentalists. I cannot visualize anyone listening to his liberal clap trap without thinking back to when they last heard a female cat in heat, and wanting to take him to the local veterinarian to be fixed.

    We all should write Obama letters demanding that RFK Jr. be appointed as Obama’s Green Czar. I can visualize Jimmy Hoffa looking down now with an exceedingly large smile on his face.

  2. cynicalbard Says:

    A study by the University of Toronto given to the government of Ontario quotes results from Denmark that windmills don’t actually reduce green house gases anyway and are very expensive. But the taxpayers can afford anything. No?

  3. welder4 Says:

    All one can say is RFK must be a racist

  4. welder4 Says:

    They know no bounds to their stupidity it is not that the coal industry has anything to do with Kentucky ‘s economy why who needs it any way . lets see now all the coal producing states would be on unemployment until they started production on the green wind mills that do not work and the solar panels no on will buy and the toilet paper made out of died corn cobs that no one will buy but hey RFK was borne with a million dollars stuffed in his diaper and a diamond studded spoon in his mouth so he doesn’t think about any one making a living the hard way like ah? working! He could do more good if he went to China so he could stop the biggest users of coal . Actually I don’t blame him for not wanting the wind mills in his back yard they are really annoying what with the whine of the generators and all.

  5. cynicalbard Says:

    I wonder how much of HIS OWN money Mr. Kennedy has invested in green solutions. The last I heard, he was opposed to windmills within sight of the family compound.

    With the US’s dependence on imported oil, one of the smartest things Obama could do would be to promote manufacturing diesel from coal or the Colorado oil shales.

    No, better to just shoot yourself in the foot.

  6. camelot10 Says:

    RFK and family were telling us that the Obama’s were the new Camelot generation with all of their glittering romance and optimism. Someone told me that RFK was seen hauling a 200 ton chunk of coal to Mt Rushmore to add Obama’s face what has happened to their relationship, and where is that huge chunk of coal.

  7. billkammerer Says:

    rlee913 Says:

    April 22, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    This is good, they’re starting to eat their own!

    rlee – I think that with their many, varied and competing positions, they won’t be able to help eating each other… Maybe we just have to wait long enough to see the whole movement self destruct… Popcorn, anyone?

  8. rlee913 Says:

    This is good, they’re starting to eat their own!

  9. paddleman Says:

    When someone from the outer limits of the whacko left calls President Obama an ‘indentured servant’ of the coal industry, its hard to identify just what level of absurdity such a comment might be on. Of course, you might actually want to hear such a thing from Robert Kennedy about Obama — it makes Obama seem somewhat more palatable!!

    • dublds Says:

      Good call paddleman. If you’re going to take sides on this one, I think even moderates and right wingers would be behind Obama. Like Rodney Dangerfield said in Back to School, “if you want to look skinny, hang out with fat people”. Backlit by the Caveman-or-bust thinking of the extreme left, Obama’s views on energy look downright pragmatic. You’d almost be fooled into thinking he has some ideas that aren’t socialist-facist.

      In any case I’m dying to hear all the sacrifices we all need to make so that the Kennedy’s don’t have to compromise their privileged lifestyle. Should make for good bathroom reading. I heard that just to offset the costs of printing these comments an entire African village has to hold their breath for two months. Sounds funny but that is pretty much exactly the world RFKJs ideas will lead to. He and his priests will never bring themselves down to “our level” no matter how dire the situation. They will just put a tighter squeeze the freedoms and humanity of the people with least to give, just to offset their own excesses. But sadly nobody in our “Left Stream Media” has the nuts to ask or report that. Except of course for the best selling author of “Green Hell”, who is a greater asset to mankind than any Kennedy ever was or will be…

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