10 Questions for Al Gore

April 24, 2009

Green Hell author Steve Milloy writes in Human Events:

Mr. Global Warming himself, Al Gore, is the star witness today in the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing Democrats’ cap-and-tax global warming bill.

Click here for Milloy’s “10 Questions for Al Gore.”

3 Responses to “10 Questions for Al Gore”

  1. 4timesayear Says:

    I don’t usually wish snow storms on people, but I think it would have been entirely fitting for a late April blizzard to hit DC.

  2. sallyfarrar Says:

    I watched this on CSPAN and a little lady congresswoman from Tennessee threw a few flimsy questions out to Gore but he got his sensitive little hacks up and got offended and she backed off quickly.
    Pathetic. She was the ONLY one who attempted to stand up to that creep with the bad eye job.

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