C-SPAN misleads America about Al Gore

April 24, 2009

C-SPAN is right now (11am ET) broadcasting the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the Waxman-Markey Bill. When Al Gore is on screen, C-SPAN describes him only as the “Founder and Chairman” of the Alliance for Climate Protection — conveniently ignoring his role as a partner in the venture capital firm of Kleiner Perkins and Generation Investment Management, both of which stand to profit handsomely from global warming legislation.

The big question for today is whether any congressman will query Al Gore on his financial conflicts of interest at today’s hearing.

3 Responses to “C-SPAN misleads America about Al Gore”

  1. Jon-Paul Says:

    J Michels AND weld4:

    You both bring magnificent points to this discussion! What is the American and ‘global’ public doing about this fraud and his real conflict of interest(s)?

    The sad thing is…the SOB probably believes there’s merit to what he’s shoveling.

    Great site looking forward to Green Hell!


  2. J Michels Says:

    what’s sad is that Gore is manipulating public sentiment for his own pocket book while actually making things much worse for this already ravaged planet. They are all about taxing the carbon we burn, yet the IMF, the World Bank and other various factions of the “corporatocracy” are cutting down forests at record pace in order to produce E85–yet another environmental scam… It’s nice to see that Green Hell has been published, these topics need all the press they can get. (for more on the corporatocracy, check out The Secret History of the American Empire by John Perkins)

  3. welder4 Says:

    surely a good republican will do that and Al Gore needs to be in jail for perpetrating a fraud on the entire world and scaring school children with his hacks about the end of the world . what a piece of stuff this guy is . and I am ashamed he comes from my home state , my Grand mother used to feed his father when he came to campaign at the farm.The biggest snake oil sales man of all time .

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