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Al Gore: Skeptics like Bernie Madoff

April 24, 2009

Al Gore told Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) today that the climate skeptics are like Bernie Madoff in that they are “perpetrating a fraud” on the public.

Al Gore says the skeptics are the “Bernie Madoffs of global warming” and that they are “lying to make money.”

Al Gore: ‘No time’ to talk about nuke power

April 24, 2009

House Energy and Commerce Committee Hearing Update:

Al Gore ducked talking about talking about nuclear power as a solution to carbon emissions by saying something to the effect that, “I don’t want to take up the Committee’s time by talking about nuclear power.”

This wasn’t exactly true as Gore then said he supported nuclear power but then went on to scare the Committee about nuclear proliferation (i.e., Iran and North Korea).

C-SPAN misleads America about Al Gore

April 24, 2009

C-SPAN is right now (11am ET) broadcasting the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the Waxman-Markey Bill. When Al Gore is on screen, C-SPAN describes him only as the “Founder and Chairman” of the Alliance for Climate Protection — conveniently ignoring his role as a partner in the venture capital firm of Kleiner Perkins and Generation Investment Management, both of which stand to profit handsomely from global warming legislation.

The big question for today is whether any congressman will query Al Gore on his financial conflicts of interest at today’s hearing.

10 Questions for Al Gore

April 24, 2009

Green Hell author Steve Milloy writes in Human Events:

Mr. Global Warming himself, Al Gore, is the star witness today in the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing Democrats’ cap-and-tax global warming bill.

Click here for Milloy’s “10 Questions for Al Gore.”

Bill O’Reilly spotlights climate corruption

April 24, 2009

The Free Enterprise Action Fund, managed by Green Hell author Steve Milloy and Tom Borelli, has been trying for four years to get Americans to pay attention to the government-corporate corruption involved in cap-and-trade legislation, particularly with respect to General Electric.

The story has gotten worse now that GE’s NBC unit has become essentially a PR firm for advancing the global warming agenda and, in the case of MSNBC, a cheerleader for President Obama.

Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly spotlighted the ugly story last night.

Check out this YouTube video of O’Reilly on with Glenn Beck.

Experts: ‘Realism’ needed in energy planning

April 24, 2009

Former Energy Secretary James Schlesinger and renewable energy expert Robert L. Hirsh opine in the Washington Post today,

Why are we ignoring things we know? We know that the sun doesn’t always shine and that the wind doesn’t always blow. That means that solar cells and wind energy systems don’t always provide electric power. Nevertheless, solar and wind energy seem to have captured the public’s support as potentially being the primary or total answer to our electric power needs…

Realistically, however, solar and wind will probably only provide a modest percentage of future U.S. power. Some serious realism in energy planning is needed, preferably from analysts who are not backing one horse or another.

Climate Bribery: Dems move to buy-off utilities with free credits

April 24, 2009

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that,

House Democrats are weighing a plan to give some of the nation’s biggest polluters a 10-year cushion from the impact of greenhouse-gas regulations to get a cap-and-trade system in place now.

Under the proposal, electric utilities would get free permits to emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases for as long as ten years, after which they would gradually begin paying. In exchange, utilities would be required to shield consumers and businesses from higher electricity rates during that time. They would also make investments in conservation and renewable energy to lessen the industry’s reliance on coal.

“We’re going to have some of the money allocated to ratepayers,” said House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D., Calif.) “How much and what percentage, I don’t know.”

Keep in mind that the federal government’s printing presses are churning out more dollars than ever before — so there’s plenty of money to buy-off everyone. Why didn’t anyone think of Zimbabwe-ing our way to green paradise before?