Sen. Warner admits granchildren concerns caused his alarmism

April 24, 2009

Sen. John Warner admitted today at the hearing that his concern about global warming arose from his granchildren’s worries.

Rumor has it that Sen. Warner will next support legislation to eliminate toe monsters from child bedrooms.

2 Responses to “Sen. Warner admits granchildren concerns caused his alarmism”

  1. […] a member of  the “deliberative body” of the Senate reached his global warming conclusions. Makes you feel all warm and cozy that the country is in such contemplative  […]

  2. geophys55 Says:

    I make it a regular habit to tell my children that the green hype they hear in school is exagerated.

    They seem to understand and, in fact, sometimes beat me to the punchline. They don’t buy this balony either!

    It may have something to do with my job, which requires me to understand something of the long term history of the Earth.

    To other parents, I say: Read and learn about the climate. The internet makes us all researchers of the highest level.

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