Eco-industrial complex writes climate bill

May 4, 2009

The Washington Times reports,

Democratic lawmakers who spent much of the Bush administration blasting officials for letting energy lobbyists write national policy have turned to a coalition of business and environmental groups to help draft their own sweeping climate bill…

At the kickoff to hearings last week on the massive climate bill, Myron Ebell, climate and energy policy director for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told lawmakers, “The authors of the draft bill have invited the beneficiaries of what could turn out to be the biggest transfer of wealth from consumers to special interests in American history to write the rules for this legalized plunder.”

Although the pain of the climate bill will hit consumers and taxpayers first, it will eventually hit the businesses (a.k.a. useful idiots) who are helping the greens. The USCAP companies are just too short-sighted to see their eventual demise.

2 Responses to “Eco-industrial complex writes climate bill”

  1. cbullitt Says:

    There has to be some way to derail this train before it leads to outright revolution. How can the populous not know this is the grand result communists have worked at for 50 years. This is insanity.

    • kong99 Says:

      You’re right. There have been books written on how to destroy capitalism and install a socialist utopia. The libs are executing those steps one by one at a very fast pace now. Instead of fighting it, the Republican politicians somehow believe that in order to win they have to be more like the libs. What? No, they don’t.

      I don’t think it can be stopped now. Even if the Republicans win the next elections, they are neck deep in going down the same route the Democrats have already taken. Without a reversal from the Republicans, our only chance will be a third party. Let’s face it, a third party has no chance of winning.

      I think that by the time Obama and the libs get done, our country is going to be in shambles, and possible even a depression…a very deep one. With the ACORN tactics the libs are using in key swing states, they are making it impossible for a conservative to win in the future. Let’s face it, 600,000 votes turned in for the libs by ACORN (in states where it raises the tally higher than voters even there because of fraud), we are screwed. Really, really, screwed.

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