White House looks to re-brand ‘cap-and-trade’; JunkScience.com announces naming contest

May 12, 2009

What’s in a name? Apparently, nothing conducive to green oppression if it’s “cap-and-trade.”

The White House is looking to replace the term “cap-and-trade” with something more exciting to the public, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. According to the Times,

Today, aides in Obama’s Council on Environmental Quality will meet with a research and marketing group that is promoting an alternative to the phrase “global warming,” which some pollsters say fails to capture the idea of greenhouse gases threatening the environment.

“There is value in trying to get the messaging right,” said a senior White House environmental aide, who was not authorized to speak on the record. “Because at the end of the day this is tricky policy. . . . We want to make sure we’re talking in a way that people understand.”

Let’s save the taxpayers some money.

E-mail your suggested alternative to “cap-and-trade” to junkman@junkscience.com

The best entry received by Monday, May 18, 2009 wins an autographed copy of Steve Milloy’s new book, Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them.

So put your thinking caps on — no recycling “cap-and-tax” or “cap-and-charade” — it won’t be easy to buff the cap-and-trade turd into a popsicle!

30 Responses to “White House looks to re-brand ‘cap-and-trade’; JunkScience.com announces naming contest”

  1. […] 2010, the renewables lobby went back to the blackboard and discovered that the concept of “clean energy” polled much better than global […]

  2. bellerophontes Says:

    The Audacity of Hope Tax

    The No Dollar Left Behind Tax

    The Cap and Dark Glasses Disguise Tax

    But my favorite is

    Cap Your Income

  3. realmature Says:

    “glorious change initiative”

    “people’s great hope tax”

    “great leader’s progress assessment”

    “people’s science initiative”

    “the great leap forward”

    all those are copyrighted by me. except “the great leap forward” which is an old chicom slogan.

  4. justbeau Says:

    Lunacy and spend

  5. markdsweet Says:

    Building Beijing

  6. 4timesayear Says:

    Tarred and feathered tax?

  7. cbullitt Says:

    Since I already sent you my lame ideas, I thought you might like to know about this other Re-branding campaign.

  8. spren Says:

    Cap and Charade

  9. maos1961 Says:

    the “just another way to take some money off you” tax?

    or perhaps “the economy is in the crap, so lets give it another push” tax?

    “(environmental)protection tax”?

  10. […] and trade,” by contrast, ranked next to last, with only 7% registering enthusiasm. Green Hell Blog is running a naming contest.  Submit the best alternative to cap and trade and win a copy of Steve […]

  11. sbartsch Says:

    The “Rape and Pillage” tax? This actually has a dual meaning – the Greenies will use it because they consider it a tax on those who “rape and pillage” the earth, while the rest of us will understand it’s actually raping and pillaging our energy-based economy!

  12. tpbarney Says:

    The China Stimulus Program

  13. michaelwsmith Says:

    Choke and bury.

  14. rmt58 Says:


  15. cbullitt Says:

    As clever as some of these are–didn’t anyone read the instructions?

    • aristotelophile Says:

      Don’t tax, don’t sell [i.e. don’t tax carbon emissions and don’t sell carbon credits]

  16. tarpon Says:

    Tax and Ration …

  17. cmblake6 Says:

    Crap and Slave?

  18. nigelf Says:

    The deceive and enslave tax.
    Honest, understandable and to the point.

  19. rgladstone Says:

    Trap & Raid

  20. g3ellis Says:


  21. amgumen Says:

    Gore Climax Tax

  22. edidaho Says:

    How about: coming to CO2 tax u

  23. jsheehy Says:

    Goreing for Dollars

  24. wisemon Says:

    Obamanable Snoman Tax?

  25. timetochooseagain Says:


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