Western Climate Initiative: Costly and Ineffective

May 13, 2009

From the Western Business Roundtable:

A new study says that a climate action plan promoted by several Western governors could prolong the economic recession, weaken already overburdened Western power grids and will deliver a temperature “benefit” of only one ten-thousandth of a degree Celsius even after a century of operation.

4 Responses to “Western Climate Initiative: Costly and Ineffective”

  1. Dr. Wil Burns Says:

    The study is absurd. It relies on cost estimates for allowances that don’t reflect reality in the context of the EU ETS or RGGI to date. And need I mention who funded it? Nah, I know you don’t let minor details of this nature get in the way …

  2. geophys55 Says:

    Such a self-evident statement should not require a reference. If you still want one, read this:

    Ninety five percent of current energy use comes from “unacceptable” fossil fuel and nukes (if you accept hydroelectric dams).

    Taxing that (literally, to death) will cripple the economy. Perhaps you disagree?

  3. Marc Says:

    Ah, it’s fixed, onto scrutinizing.

  4. Marc Says:

    I realize credibility isn’t one of your foremost concerns, but you could at least link your source material. That is unless your purposely don’t want people scrutinizing your source material, which is, judging by your arguments, understandable.

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