Green Hell on CSPAN Book tv this weekend

May 15, 2009

Steve Milloy’s new book Green Hell will be featured on CSPAN’s Book tv this weekend at the following times:

  • Saturday, May 16, at 8:00 AM
  • Saturday, May 16, at 11:30 PM
  • Sunday, May 17, at 2:00 PM

8 Responses to “Green Hell on CSPAN Book tv this weekend”

  1. […] control over energy sources doesn’t bother me.   It’s what I grew up with, but in the opposite direction.  I saw economic policies favorable to oil companies, and I saw ExxonMobil’s profits […]

  2. papiertigre Says:

    Just saw it this morning.
    Little criticism, the prepared statement portion you appeared to be a bit rushed and the sporatic fax machine noise added to that perception, but once you got to the Q&A you were the CHAMP!
    You are so much better speaking extemporaneously, with a ready reference to the monumental archive of knowledge at Junkscience.
    My recomendation is work off the cuff at all speaking engagements.
    It was just so good.
    LMAO at the rejoiner directed toward the climate change intern accusing you of being bought by oil money.
    Well done sir.

  3. windrush48 Says:

    Note to Mr. Milloy;
    Sir, I just watched you presentation and I must say that I especially enjoyed the “polar bear” episode. It would seem that this person was unaware that the polar bear population has increased from about 5,000 animals in the ’70s, to about 25,000 animals currently.

    Considering that this particular, slightly warm, period is substantially cooler than past warm periods, I don’t understand the hazard to the polar bear population. Since we still have polar bears, they did not die out during that previous warmer periods, I doubt they will do so due to the current one.

  4. windrush48 Says:

    I take great exception to being referred to as “the bottom 20% or so of the intellectual bell curve, a segment of the human population only marginally distinguishable from chimpanzees”. You, apparently, do not have to worry about being associated with chimpanzees, as your nearest, living, biologic, relative appears to be the ass.
    I hold a Master’s in geology and have a background in, both, civil and mechanical engineering as well as an extensive background in computers. I graduated Summa from one school and Magna from another. I have been published in both geology and electon microscopy. How about you?
    I have studied the last 600,000 years of geologic history as well as the 4.5 BILLION year history of the earth. How about you?
    I have studied, both, the Medieval Optimum (gee, wonder why the called in the Optimum?) and the Early Roman Warm Period, as well as the Little Ice Age. How about you?
    You appear to be ill-informed, seemingly by choice, and totally unqualified to make and publish your assessment concerning the intellectual abilities of others.

    Are you aware that the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is currently about 385 ppm? Are you aware that that is less than 0.04% of the atmosphere? Are you aware that of that amount – ALL HUMAN ACTIVITY produces less than 5%? Are you aware that that equates to man, in all our activities, produces less than 0.002% of the atmosphere?
    Are you aware that the largest carbon sink and the largest CO2 producer on the planet is the ocean? Are you also aware of tha amount of CO2 produced during a single day of volcanic activity?

    All one can do is present the facts, one cannot force another lift themselves from the mire of willful ignorance.

  5. windrush48 Says:

    I take great exception at being referred to as “the bottom 20% or so of the intellectual bell curve”.
    For you information and admonition, I hold a Master’s in Geology and graduated Summa from one school and Magna from another. I have been published both geology and electron microscopy. I have studied the geologic history of, both, the last 600,000 years and the last 4.5 BILLION

  6. nigelduc Says:

    I am a supporter of individual rights and capitalist. The social policies emanating from the Left are not “inconvenient”, they’re a fundamental assault on individual rights and freedom. Inconvenient? Hell, they’re a moral abomination.

    BIG Tobacco, BIG Oil… big deal. In a free market companies only become successful by providing a product or service that people want, you prosper only to the extent you satisfy customers. Very anti-social. But here’s a “big” thing you really should cower in fear of … Big Government, because that means slavery. Goverment is the agency of force, so the bigger the state the less your freedom. With the combination of de facto nationalization and unprecedented regulation churned out, we really are caught between the pincers of socialism and fascism. Now that’s scary.

    Your last sentence shows how detached from reality you really are. “Picking pockets” i.e., theft, is what government can do given its monopoly on the use of force, businesses and individuals have to offer us values and persuade us, they cannot legitimately coerce us into parting with our money. I willingly exchanged my money for a copy of Green Hell in a trade to mutual advantage.

    You come here, with no argument, spout ad hominems, you regurgitate leftist drivel and absurdities that have been fed to you, and then have the nerve to call anyone who disagrees with it “empty headed”? Wow.

    • consor Says:

      A Personal Note to Steve:
      The blog entries have clearly not studied Climate Change. They appear totally unaware of the CO2 and Methane emitted by the ocean.
      Congradulations to Steve! For…

      Global warming began the day the earth was formed, and will continue until the day the earth is destroyed.
      The Universe is going to do whatever it wants to do without consulting human ‘expertise’, ‘n we can’t change that!

  7. ajhil Says:

    “Junk science” turns out to be any science which can be used to support social policies that the far right finds inconvenient.
    Not surprisingly Mr. Milloy turns out to be unqualified to make judgments about science. He’s never been a scientist and his academic background is weak, to say the least. What really betrays him, however, is his slavish devotion to a libertarian political agenda, especially when it works to benefit large corporate interests (like Big Tobacco or Big Oil.) No wonder these antisocial organizations have supported him so consistently in the past. Like his buddy, Glenn Beck, Milloy appeals to the bottom 20% or so of the intellectual bell curve, a segment of the human population only marginally distinguishable from chimpanzees. It’s a smart move. One can make a very good living picking the pockets of empty headed people, as long as, like Milloy et al., one isn’t overly burdened with conscience or principle.

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