California already looking at CAFE 2016+

May 21, 2009

In the immediate wake of President Obama’s announcement of more stringent mileage standards by 2016, California air czar Mary Nichols told Reuters yesterday that,

“California will be immediately getting to work on what the standards should be for beyond 2016,” and that she expects, “a much more stringent standard.”

Now that California voters have forced Gov. Schwarzenegger to start cutting state employees to stave off the state’s fiscal crisis, a good place to start would be pink-slipping Nichols and the rest of the California Air Resources Board.

One Response to “California already looking at CAFE 2016+”

  1. dublds Says:


    We’ll be lucky to even have roads by 2016. They are rapidly deteriorating here as it is, and I don’t see us IOU’ing ourselves new pavement anytime soon. All Mary Nichols has done is serve up a heaping helping of career suicide. Californians have had it with fairy tale progressive bullshit, that has left us worse off and more broke. Why isn’t she worrying about what she is supposed to be doing TODAY instead of waxing communist about 2016? Californians sent a clear message this week making about their position on such wasteful spending and the politicss of more-of-the-same.

    I will bet the entire California budget deficit that this NEVER happens. One thing that remains constant is that California tends to lead the nation in social and political trends. So with most of the nation just recently making the “Change” to progressive politics, Californians are already coming out the back door with bruises, picked pockets and all. Don’t be surprised to see the new Reagan Era taking shape here in California in the near future.

    To quote Jeffrey Lebowski (the one in the wheelchair, not Jeff Bridges) from the classic movie “The Big Lebowski”:

    “Guess what, the Revolution is over, the bums LOST”

    Good for nothing progressive politics have put us in such a hole, that good strong conservative policies are the only thing that will get us out. Hate to flood Mary Nichols Fantasyland with a splash of reality, but when I see Uber-Democrats taking up the cry of fiscal conservatives…”I know a change is gonna come”. And it’s not going to be a change in CAFE standards…

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