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Chu on this: White roofs to fight global warming

May 27, 2009

From today’s Telegraph,

President Obama’s energy adviser has suggested all the world’s roofs should be painted white as part of efforts to slow global warming.


Must-see Anti-green TV: ABC’s ‘Goode Family’

May 27, 2009

Don’t miss the premier of the first anti-green, animated TV series, the “Goode Family,” tonight on ABC at 9:00pm. Here’s what the Miami Herald‘s Glenn Garvin has to say about the show:

Life’s not easy if you’re an organic-eating, tree-hugging, SUV-eschewing, carbon-footprintless, gender-identity-indifferent, diversity-celebrating, nonjudgmental (well, except for those damn U.S. flag pins) vegan pacifist. Just ask Gerald and Helen Goode, the First Couple of PC America.

They forget to check a box when adopting an African baby, and when little Ubuntu arrives, he’s a white South African. They cart home free elephant dung from Barnum & Bailey for their organic garden, then remember that the circus exploits animals. They’ve raised their dog Che to be a vegan, but the neighborhood sure has a lot of missing squirrels. Even their hybrid car’s bumper sticker is a blend of uneasy compromises: SUPPORT OUR TROOPS . . . AND THEIR OPPONENTS.

Welcome to The Goode Family, a scathingly funny report from the front lines of America’s culture wars. This new ABC adult cartoon, produced by Beavis and Butt-Head mastermind Mike Judge and his King of the Hill buddies John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, will do for PC what 30 Rock does for corporate capitalism or Lost for commercial air travel: Leave it in ruins…

Click here for the full review…

Let’s hope “Goode Family” is what Garvin’s review promises!