Chu on this: White roofs to fight global warming

May 27, 2009

From today’s Telegraph,

President Obama’s energy adviser has suggested all the world’s roofs should be painted white as part of efforts to slow global warming.


13 Responses to “Chu on this: White roofs to fight global warming”

  1. ebkennel Says:

    I checked the original source of the information, a presentation by Hashem Akbari.

    Two key points: the total area to be painted white would be double the size of the State of California;

    The business about 11 years really means that the white paint would mitigate 1.5% growth for 11 years, NOT 11 YEARS WORTH OF EMISSIONS. In other words, conventional models would say the global temperature will rise 0.33 degrees in 11 years. By painting two Californias completely white, the temperature rise will be about 0.28.

    Click to access Hashem_Akbari.pdf

  2. tadchem Says:

    About 20% of the earth’s surface is land, of which only a few percent is occupied, of which only a fraction is under roofs. I estimate much less than 1% of the sun-exposed surface of the earth would have its albedo increased by this protocol. Net effect on earth’s surface reflectivity: negligible, but the cost would not be negligible. Should we bleach our roads as well?

    • hutomweb Says:

      Is it possible that it takes into account the gains made in reducing the need to run an air conditioner? I know the counter argument is what happens in winter. But I remember reading somewhere that painting the sides of your house with dark colors and the roof with white does reduce the energy spent in a/c a lot. And this definitely makes sense in warm climates with a huge growing middle class that is buying up A/Cs in millions. I am thinking of India.

      • dublds Says:

        Dude, I don’t know what you were reading, but I can assure you it’s what Steve Milloy would call Junkscience. Heat comes mostly from infrared wavelengths. Infrared is not in the visible (white) spectra. All the white roof is going to block is the small amout of fringe wavelengths bleeding into the infrared spectrum from the visible spectrum. Apparently Chu’s Prius doesn’t have white leather seats.

        Back in the days before calculus, wave theory and computerized instrumentation, some Saharan tribes figured out that they stayed slightly cooler in white clothes than in black. And that was a pretty astute observation for the time. But this is 2009, not 1009. And it’s an embarassment that people raised in the first world, in this generation, should be such scientific nitwits as to give any credence to idiotic ideas like this that are weak and stupid from top to bottom.

        Note that these shitheads are so out of touch with reality that they suggest PAINTING your roof white. Is the entire “Scientific Consensus” oblivious to the fact that there are literally hundreds of commercially availble roofing products that come in white and have been for years. Wrong on the science and wrong on the reality, but somehow in charge.

        This country is so ‘effed…

      • ebkennel Says:

        Heat is transferred from the sun to the earth primarily in the visible spectrum not infrared.

        white paint typically emits about as well as black paint in the infrared range, by the way.

      • kong99 Says:

        @dublds……I agree. This country is effed, and since the world economy relies heavily on the US economy…the world is effed. Except for China and Russian (as as start). I remember Ross Perot saying that NAFTA was going to produce a sucking sound of our jobs being exported overseas. It has. But NAFTA is small potatoes compared to this legislation. China is going to cash in big…I mean REALLY big.

        What environmentalists overlook (besides the facts) is that when US companies shut down because of crushing government policies here, the benefactor is China. They become the new producer of that product (whatever it is) and we import it because the demand doesn’t just go away. OK, so at least a US company isn’t emitting earth killing CO2 (a joke to begin with). But, since the product or service is still being made or provided in China, all the environmentalists accomplish is moving the dirt (so to speak). China has much worse pollution emissions than we do, so the environmentalists actually make it worse. Getting it out of our back yards shouldn’t be good enough, because the earth is effected by the gasses as much from China as from here. The reason why it IS good enough is because it’s not about saving earth. This legislation will transfer a massive amount of power to the federal government….to Obama.

        On a side note, Obama won’t let the benficiaries of government bailouts pay back their loans. Why? Because he would have to relinquish his power and control over them. Obama is forcing a Chinese type of government rule on us. As for Chrysler, he is targeting any dealers that gave money to the Republican party to have them shut down.

        I am a firm believer that Obama will be the death of the free market in this country, the death of freedom of speech, the death of the Republican party, and etc. Obama also wants to shut down free speech for conservative talk radio.

        Obama is a much more powerful and dangerous version of Hugo Chavez. Unless something happens to stop him, the country is EFFED !!!

      • kong99 Says:

        I failed to mention that Obama wants to shut down free speech on the internet, too. Hugo Chavez, Obama, Chavez, Obama. Any difference?

  3. Robert D Says:

    What do you expect when three guys from Berkeley get together. And wouldn’t you know, Duh-1 picks one of those three moonbats for his energy secretary. Ya just can’t make this stuff up. 😕

  4. imjetta Says:

    Just like outlawing black cars?
    The arrogance of the left to think they can outwit God!

    • kong99 Says:

      It has nothing to do with outwitting God. All they have to do is outwit the public. The global warming scheme serves one purpose… give the libs the leverage they need to impose “cap and trade” laws that will tax society to death….which is a liberal “wet dream”. The “cap and trade” laws serve only one purpose… transfer more power to the libs in government and force socialism down our throats. As long as the free market is working, the libs do not have an excuse to impose such radical changes, so they invented one.

  5. tarpon Says:

    Remember when they were going to spread carbon black in the 1970s over the ice caps to stop the coming ice age?

    • kong99 Says:

      Yep, and it has actually happened more than that. They have made the claim of global warming and global cooling multiple times. The biggest difference now is that they are going for the jugular. The whole idea behind Gore’s lying film was to start the engine for the scam. If some of you haven’t noticed (not you in particular, tarpoon), Al Gore refuses to debate the merits of the film….claiming that it has already been proven (consensus). Of the so-called consensus that was signed by 1,000 scientists, only 52 of those scientists were qualified to give an opinion on the matter. Since then, over 32,000 QUAlIFIED scientists have signed a petition stating that man-made global warming is a scam. Far more scientists have spoken out against the global warming theory than what have signed on to it. So, where is this so-called consensus? There isn’t one, but, Obama won’t tell you that and the media won’t tell you that. It would kill their agenda.

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