Must-see Anti-green TV: ABC’s ‘Goode Family’

May 27, 2009

Don’t miss the premier of the first anti-green, animated TV series, the “Goode Family,” tonight on ABC at 9:00pm. Here’s what the Miami Herald‘s Glenn Garvin has to say about the show:

Life’s not easy if you’re an organic-eating, tree-hugging, SUV-eschewing, carbon-footprintless, gender-identity-indifferent, diversity-celebrating, nonjudgmental (well, except for those damn U.S. flag pins) vegan pacifist. Just ask Gerald and Helen Goode, the First Couple of PC America.

They forget to check a box when adopting an African baby, and when little Ubuntu arrives, he’s a white South African. They cart home free elephant dung from Barnum & Bailey for their organic garden, then remember that the circus exploits animals. They’ve raised their dog Che to be a vegan, but the neighborhood sure has a lot of missing squirrels. Even their hybrid car’s bumper sticker is a blend of uneasy compromises: SUPPORT OUR TROOPS . . . AND THEIR OPPONENTS.

Welcome to The Goode Family, a scathingly funny report from the front lines of America’s culture wars. This new ABC adult cartoon, produced by Beavis and Butt-Head mastermind Mike Judge and his King of the Hill buddies John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, will do for PC what 30 Rock does for corporate capitalism or Lost for commercial air travel: Leave it in ruins…

Click here for the full review…

Let’s hope “Goode Family” is what Garvin’s review promises!


6 Responses to “Must-see Anti-green TV: ABC’s ‘Goode Family’”

  1. […] Must-see Anti-green TV: ABC’s ‘Goode Family’ Don’t miss the premier of the first anti-green, animated TV series, the “Goode Family,” tonight on […] […]

    • socialismgotohell Says:

      Finally! Somebody willing to make fun of folks other than hunters, pickup drivers, and Christians. The show is a terrific giggle. The Goodes are an excellent example of oblivious purely emotion motivated “greem” nitwits who just want to “feel” they’re DOING SOMETHING even if that “something” is not only absurd but actually HARMFULL. This bunch have so little logic or reason in they’re makeup, they’ve GOT to be strong Obama supporters.

  2. adrianvance Says:

    “Idiocracy II” But Not The Movie

    Producer Mike Judge’ “Office Space” hit followed by the “Idiocracy,” disaster proved again success in Hollywood means nothing. The premise that a dullard hibernated for 500 years would be the smartest man alive, inspired by trends in California and Washington, DC, was a box office bomb in spite of being a more prescient movie than “Citizen Kane.”

    Now are we told trace gases in the atmosphere overheat Earth in spite being poor absorbers of heat energy from sunlight as well as insignificant stoichiometrically, which means quantitatively or “how much” if you went to school in California.

    A Nobel laureate scientist from Stanford College, the only Ivy League school west of the Mississipi granting not only degrees, but authentic lisps, is now the Secretary of Energy, Professor Steven Chu, Ph.D. claims if we painted roofs and roads white it would be the same as taking all cars and trucks off the roads for 11 years!

    Several questions leap from the page if you are college physical science trained: (1) Since when have “trace gases” had anything to say about what goes on in a chemical reaction since 1832 when Vitalism and Divine theories of chemistry were tossed. (2) Where has Dr. Chu published this concept? (3) Who was on the peer review panel? (4) If such a simple cure solves this problem why are we planning to destroy our economies when Dr. Chu can save us with whitewash?

    In 1857 the great English physicist John Tyndall demonstrated water vapor is the principle greenhouse gas and by our reckoning 1500 times more significant than carbon dioxide, but no one can tax water vapor where they can tax carbon as it is in most modern fuels. Can you say “Bingo!”

    John Tyndall was a real scientist who proved and published what he said. Steven Chu has a degree and a Nobel Prize, but no data, no paper reviewed by peers, but he is politically correct. He is on the Obama team. Dr. Chu has proved we are living in “Idiocracy II;” not the movie.

    Adrian Vance

  3. tropla Says:

    The tv-cartoon of the Goode family is good. There are a lot of laughable situations with the “jargon”of the greens.
    next time I shall watch it again. It’s a must. The young man YouBankToo is great.

  4. welder4 Says:

    I hope this is a show that exposes the folly of the green people , the show is a must watch for me . I will report back on what I saw .I am guessing that this will show how ignorant that some people can be and if someone wants to save the planet that’s fine, just don’t try to get me on board, I will leave the planet alone

  5. aggieturner Says:

    I already set my DVR to record this. Thanks for the heads up Steve.

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