Nancy Pelosi: Haute-ing up the planet

May 28, 2009

Thanks, Nancy Pelosi. In one fell swoop, you’ve single-handedly validated Steve Milloy’s new book Green Hell.

While preaching green to a Chinese audience, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said,

“Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory … of how we are taking responsibility.”

It’s eerily similar to the Introduction to Green Hell:

The central concept of this book is that there is hardly any area that the greens consider off-limits to intrusion. There is almost no personal behavior of yours that they consider too trivial or too sacrosanct to regulate.

So let’s “inventory” Nancy Pelosi’s life:

She treats the U.S. Air Force as her own personal airline, according to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch. Air travel, after all, has a disproportionately large impact on the climate systen, according to the greens.

Pelosi has five children and seven grandchildren — each one a planetary burden, according to John Holdren, Barack Obama’s top science advisor and long-time population-control freak.

According to Holdren’s environmental impact equation Human Impact=Population x Affluence x Technology (I=PAT), Pelosi’s offspring, $25 million-plus net worth from her husband’s commercial real estate and other investments, and her penchant for jet and limo travel, there can be no doubt that Nancy Pelosi’s personal impact on the environment is quite high.

Generously assuming that the average American family of four has a net worth of $100,000, then the impact on the planet of Nancy Pelosi and her family would be at least 437 times greater, according to I+PAT — and that does not take into account her family’s energy use which is undoubtedly much greater than that of the average American family.

It might make you wonder what size shoe Pelosi wears — she favors Manolo Blahnik Kidskin Slingbacks which retail at a pricey $575 — to fit her immense carbon footprint.

I wonder if her baby goat-skin shoes come in our favorite color — hypocritical green, anyone?

16 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi: Haute-ing up the planet”

  1. jcscuba Says:

    @kong99 We could be twin brothers from different mothers. Check this site We are busy getting indictments against Obama for treason and fraud,it’s all done on line, reading the charges, with interactive jury forman, and you can ask jurors question. Take about 5-7 hrs of you time. Check it out.

  2. jcscuba Says:

    @kong99: How do the libs get away with it? We are an uneducated, ignorant, lazy electorate. If people would develop the knowledge base you already have, you and allow them to make fools of themselves while you put forth fact based argument. The 400 original members of the IPCC did nothing more than submit abstracts that were accepted by unknowing lemmings as being scientifically legitimate. There exists no prospect scientific data in their fraud, just assumptions based on bad computer modeling, and flawed temperature. Let’s not be distracted by the real reason the hoax continues, it’s about Cap and Trade, so that Whores like Algore can make money while hurting the poor more than the rest of us. All of this will be passed down in the form of taxes which are a form of regressive taxation on the poor, hopefully if all this comes to pass at one time people will vote with their wallets and vote these criminals out of office.

    • kong99 Says:

      I totally agree, but I’m not so sure it’s going to be so easy. If they do this in incremental steps it won’t be a huge hit at once, and (as you said) the electorate is very stupid. What worries me is that they are placing all the taxes against businesses that will pass the cost on to us, but there will be nothing on the price tag that will say it’s the government that’s getting all the excessive money and not the businesses. It’s sort of like the gasoline tax you pay at the pump. No one knows how much of that money is going to the government, even though more profit (key word) is made by Uncle Sam than the oil companies make. It’s intentional, so the government can play stealth jihad on our economy without the public being aware, and they can still point their fingers at the oil companies.

      The mainstream media is so far in the tank for Obama and the libs and won’t report anything that will hurt the liberal agenda. So, what can be done to get public awareness out so we can get these pricks out of office?

  3. kong99 Says:

    No need to argue the fraud in global warming here. Everyone is well aware of that.

    But, how do the libs continue to get away with saying that scientists worldwide have come to a consensus? There were only 1000 people that signed onto the global warming scam that the libs use for propaganda, and only 52 of those thousand were qualified. The rest were beaurocrats and the like. However, 32,000 scientists have signed a petitiion saying that man-made global warming is a myth. Yet, now the libs say that it’s a proven fact and they won’t debate it. They’ve NEVER let any debate into it whatsoever!! If this truly was about saving the planet, which we all know it’s not, they would want to let the scientists come to an actual conclusion instead of rushing off to destroy the economies world-wide.

    When the supposed debate went in front of congress, the libs banned a qualified scientist to do the debate against global warming. It was Newt Gingrich who had to do it, and he is hardly an expert. Talk about forcing an agenda down our throats !!!

  4. dublds Says:

    The question is not “Is Nancy Pelosi a hypocritical, lying, cheating, manipulative c-word who wants total control over you for no sacrifice of her own?”

    The question is: What are you going to do about it?

  5. harebell Says:

    that could be used against all people and all political and religious groups.

    The problem with cure-alls is their utopian aims. One solution will not fit all and an imposed one never will. All dogmatic regimes are utopian in aim and all theories on social policy have the potential to head that way too. Any attempt to make folk embrace a social programme through force will not work. Communism failed and just recently capitalism was shown to fail and both because of greed and a “don’t give a damn attitude” that was accepted as the norm.

    One lesson to take out of Pelosi’s words is that everything I do will have an impact on others and the world around me. I believe that I need to remember this when I make decisions because I believe that it is correct to minimise the adverse effects of everything I do. I guess it’s another way of taking responsibility for my actions.

  6. laborlawguy Says:

    They’ll never admit to spending immense dollars on something that doesn’t exist (global warming), but they will create an entire industry based on this chimera. In truth, we’ve been on a tremendous cooling spell for the past six years–even while CO2 continues to rise. Will they ever admit there’s therefore no connection between human behavior and global temperature? Of course not, they’ll just tax the hell out of us and force us into Fiats to keep their nascent Global Warming Industry (GWI) alive.

  7. dannewton Says:

    The government has been funding Global Warming research for over ten years now, so if there is no Global Warming or if there is Global Warming and you can not do anything about it, they have to admit wasting a lot of money.

  8. bear865 Says:

    Fascism can be and is any color you want to make it, whether red, black, or green. People must understand that in its own way, Marxism/Leninism/Stalinism was just as fascist as the NAZIs and Radical Environmentalism.

    And remember, the full name of the NAZI party is National SOCIALIST German Workers party.

  9. welder4 Says:

    Pelosino is not like other humans though, she is one of the big people who like to throw scraps down to the little people, she never views her actions as bad because she is who she is . why she is Nancy queen of the universe ruler of the entire globe , she speaks and it is law no need for others input she can handle it all. Her jet usage is like her lying, it is to be accepted as fact not to question her, why that would be blasphemy to question her .You notice the news ask about her saying the CIA lied and she said no more questions on that and they sat down like trained puppies . Nancy Pelosi is the core of what is wrong with Washington . If Pelosino was replaced and Reid and Franks and Waxman and Dodd we might have a chance at turning things around , but as long as they are there we have a snow ball’s chance in hell .

  10. xgropo Says:

    bear865, I disagree in part…if she wanted to regulate every aspect of our lives for the benefit of the State, then it would be Fascism. Since the current administration wants to control the means of production (e.g. GM), that’s Marxism.

    We all know this has nothing to do with the planet or the environment, its about power, i.e. control by the State (either the US government or the UN, depending on the hypocrite that is speaking).

    Free Luna!

  11. gbmasmith Says:

    Seems to me that Pinocchio Pelosi may be compting with Al Whore … if not for the biggest carbon footprint … then for the biggest hypocrisy. That is of course right after The Self-Anointed Saint Commissar Obama the Messiah, Imperial Reader of The All Knowing and Most Powerful Teleprompters.

    I didn’t think about it until recently but, the color of crap really IS green!

  12. bear865 Says:

    The “environment” is a front. Elitist control is the real goal. This is Wilsonian “democracy” at its best. Only the self-chosen elites rule. It is, of course, also fascism. But I see very little in the world today that is not fascist. Much of what is being done they have no right to do under the law, especially under The Constitution, which they are trying to kill by ignoring it (bad idea). But they consider themselves better than you, I, or anyone else. And they have the power to do it. So to hell with law and to hell with you and me. We have the power and we will show those untermenchen!! This can’t go on forever, even though it seems that it will.

  13. sundog47 Says:

    Is she related to Al Gore? Maybe they just share the same play book.

  14. sbartsch Says:

    Democrats & Liberals: Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

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