GM’s Concept Car: The 2010 ‘Obama-wagen’

June 3, 2009

From an unknown source:

GM (Government Motors) proudly introduces the 2010 Obama-wagen:


Runs on hot air and broken promises. Its three wheels speed through sharp left turns. Comes complete with teleprompters programmed to help occupants smooth-talk their way out any violations. It’s change you can believe in!

25 Responses to “GM’s Concept Car: The 2010 ‘Obama-wagen’”

  1. adrianvance Says:

    I have heard that it cannot make right turns, but instead comes with the instruction that “…three lefts make a right.”

    It also has a built-in wallet snatcher that takes your money and sends it to the IRS.

    The Republican model gets only 10 mpg because it is dragging an anchor and the headlights have to flash all the time.

  2. hassaidi Says:

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  3. Saskia Says:

    oh gawd. this is retarded.

    • socialismgotohell Says:

      Yes it IS retarded. But this is EXACTLY the sort of vehicle marxist Obama and his “watermellon environmentalsts” (Green on the outside and RED on the inside)want to force on us to “solve”a nonexistent “problem” man made “global warming.” That is, if they can’t just FORCE us into “public transport”;so much more collective and “environmentally sensitive.” Kumbaya,Kumbaya!

      They’re also insuring GM’s inevitable demise (It really belongs in bankruptcy liquidation.) They’re going to force GM to make tiny dangerous “lawn mower plus” cars that nobody wants and won’t, with the exception of upper middle class “caring” (as opposed to rationally thinking)suburban emotion dominated greenies. Today’s Prius types; willing to pay an extra $ 5000 for a car that’ll save ’em $ 2000 in gas over a few years. What a bargain! One good effect though, they’ll kill thousands of such idiots in crashes and improve the gene pool. Look our for ME in my pickup; I’ll live.

      When rational Americans figure out what Obama and his statist semi-totalitarian buddies want to stick us with, they are going to REBEL! Wait til they see how he plans to triple our electric bills, our gasoline and heating oil costs, and empty our savings via deficit generate Carter style hyperinflation, and they’ll VOTE THE BOOBS OUT!

  4. […] GM’s Concept Car: The 2010 ‘Obama-wagen’ From an unknown source: GM (Government Motors) proudly introduces the 2010 Obama-wagen: Runs on hot air and broken […] […]

    • pandro42 Says:

      These things make Yugos look good – and we know what happened to them! The Bosnians and Serbs did everyone a favor by blowing up the Yugo factory! And so it will be for this clown car.

  5. pandro42 Says:

    That’s because it’s called “satire”. While we’re at it, I haven’t made my mind up whether these toy cars look like easter eggs, little wind-up toys, or something from a pseudo-futuristic cartoon. If you are tall, if you have bad knees, if you are handicapped, have kids, luggage or groceries, this is a useless, probably expensive piece of PC junk! I have no problem with fuel efficient cars, but for God’s sake, make them something people can use!

  6. thongythong Says:

    I think I would like a car that has a teleprompter to help me get out of violations. I guess the guy before Obama never used a teleprompter. He did have some great quotes. He is, after all, The Decider.

  7. myphotoscout Says:

    That emblem looks like somebody slapped it on with Photoshop and did a really lousy job at that.

  8. tzugidan Says:

    Why not talk about the vehicle that drove this country to the brink of hell? What’s that one look like, and who’s behind the wheel?

  9. Keep driving your Hummers. The rest of us know what happened to the dinosaurs.

    • sundog47 Says:

      Actually nobody really knows what happened. The big comet theory is falling apart, could have been a virus, flooding, being hoodwinked by the press is high on the list but we are all pretty sure they weren’t run down by a Hummer. It may have been haughty Germans during WWII carrying sighs saying remember what happened during WWI.

    • slowchildren Says:

      Actually, I have a VW, but I’m going to get rid of the piece of crap. Keep drinking that kool-aid, dummy!

  10. Green Hell, a.k.a. SOUR GRAPES BLOG.

  11. cbullitt Says:

    No hamsters Johnny, they are subject to Waxman Markey taxes, since they breath and fart, so they were deemed “not cost effective.” After all, it’s not like he’s spending trillions of dollars or anything.

  12. tarpon Says:

    I actually saw one of these suicide clown cars, what are they called, smartcar or some such, going down the Interstate the other direction. The wind was strong, the rain was heavy. It looked to me that the car was barely under control and one slightly bigger gusts would have sent it spinning like a top.

    White knuckle ride … The storm was just a sudden thing.

  13. […] clipped from […]

  14. welder4 Says:

    you for got the wind power . oh wait it is powered by hot air so that is covered .

  15. johnnylucid Says:

    So where are the hamsters that power the radio?

  16. bear865 Says:

    Das Obumba Wagon fur Obumbaland.

  17. adrianvance Says:

    You left out the six speed derailluer transmission on the sprocket chain drive pedal power. Not only will you get there in the Obama, but you will have done your exercise as well. If you are not in need of medical assistance you can show up breathless for your appointment. This will really impress your clients and dates.

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