Double Whopper w/ Guts: Burger King franchisee defies alarmists, franchisor

June 8, 2009

Please patronize the 40 Burger Kings in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi owned by Mirabile Investment Corporation. Here’s why…

Click here for the story….

Call/write Burger King in support of the Mirabile Investment Corporation’s valiant effort to fight global warming baloney!

Burger King Holdings, Inc.
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL 33126
Main number:(305) 378–3000
Consumer relations: (305) 378-3535

12 Responses to “Double Whopper w/ Guts: Burger King franchisee defies alarmists, franchisor”

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  2. […] Double Whopper w/ Guts: Burger King franchisee defies alarmists, franchisor Please patronize the 40 Burger Kings in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi owned by Mirabile Investment Corporation. […] […]

  3. realistichoosier Says:

    This Burger King franchisee is right it is nice to see some with some backbone to say this. These People that worship the Earth need to look at the Holy Bible because it tells in Luke 21:25-26 that Men will be perplexed with the Roaring Seas which I believe will cause Men to take up New Religion called Global Warming to explain Climate Change. But they really blinded by there Religion, the money and the control they receive. Just ask Al Gore how much money and control he has now. People can see in the Holy Bible that in the end time we will see more higher frequency of Climate Change and other diasters.

  4. johnnylucid Says:

    From a May 28 press release:

    Burger King Holdings, Inc., Miami BKC Media Relations Susan Robison, 305-378-7277 or BKC Investor Relations Amy Wagner, 305-378-7696

    the BK corporate site says this about the address:


    Better to e-mail media relations.

  5. yorel6969 Says:

    I agree with Jimdec23, lets do an email campaign in support of the “Global Warming is Baloney” signs. The only email I could find was the investor relations email The CEO is John W. Chidsey.

  6. bear865 Says:

    I note the paper in which this appears is the Manchester Guardian in England. This is one of THE most left-wing papers in the world. I looked at a few other things on the page this article is on, and I see that they are totally OK with a GREEN HELL world. That is typical of this Communist rag. Also, as you should be able to tell, the story does NOT exactly present this franchisee in the best light. He is betting Burger King does not have the stones to fight him and he is probably right. I have been boycotting Burger King ever since I detected “green” in their ads. I will continue to boycott them where I live.

  7. tadchem Says:

    I don’t live close enough to any of Mirabile’s shops to support them directly, but if BK persists in their position against the owner and his free speech, I *will* vote with my $ and boycott BK here in VA.

  8. jimdec23 Says:

    Good for the franchisee! I would like to have an e-mail address for the Burger King parent organization. They should inundated with e-mails supporting this franchisee’s action.

  9. Anyone that can should follow the link and let them know how you feel. I’m sure they’ll hear from the envirowackos so they will need some positive feedback. This is awesome, especially coming on the heels of the NASA report yesterday. Take that Owl Bore!

  10. bicballpoint Says:

    Burger King’s stand is heroic. Let us hope that other companies have the balls to stand up to Gore and his fellow liars, before they bankrupt America and the free world.

    • Reaver99 Says:

      Bear in mind this is not Burger King, this is the franchisee. Burger King corporate wants them to cease and desist.

  11. welder4 Says:

    Would love to I might go to Tenn. to pay them a visit and buy a years supply of burgers and drinks . finally someone or group that has a set and is not afraid to exercise their right to free speech , Thank you Burger King of Tennessee, And I might add, my home state, If Grand mother knew now what we know now she would have run Al Gore senior off the place instead of letting him sit with the family and eat.

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