Brookings: Waxman-Markey a $9 trillion tax!

June 9, 2009

The Waxman-Markey climate bill amounts to a $9 trillion tax that will reduce personal consumption by up to $2 trillion by mid-century, according to an analysis presented yesterday by the left-leaning Brookings Institution.

No effort was made to estimate the benefits of Waxman-Markey, apparently because of the difficulty of such an estimation, according to a report in Carbon Control News.

To summarize: We know Waxman-Markey will hurt taxpayers, consumers and the economy, and it’s too difficult to determine whether the bill will provide any benefits — so let’s hurry up and enact the Mother of All Taxes?

Click here for Brookings’ “Fact Sheet.”

Click here for Brookings’ Powerpoint presentation.

15 Responses to “Brookings: Waxman-Markey a $9 trillion tax!”

  1. juliekinnear Says:

    Quite a lo :$. i believe green living should emerge from streets, not politicians…

  2. […] Brookings: Waxman-Markey a $9 trillion tax! The Waxman-Markey climate bill amounts to a $9 trillion tax that will reduce personal consumption by up to $2 trillion […] […]

  3. […] Hell blog: Brookings: Waxman-Markey a $9 Trillion tax! … The Waxman-Markey climate bill amounts to a $9 trillion tax that will reduce personal […]

  4. […] The left-leaning Brookings Institute didn’t bother to estimate any benefits from enacting Waxman Markey because they can’t. There aren’t any. But the Insitute calculates $9 Trillion in Taxes on you and me to line the pockets of scum like Algore and Maurice Strong.  Green Hell has the Institute’s summary report and Powerpoint presentation here. […]

  5. welder4 Says:

    Bear865: Amen on the train wreck I just hope the dummies in Washington are on the front of the train , there is no fear like going down the road in a bus and you look up and there is no one at the wheel.

  6. welder4 Says:

    I think an ugly tax and a nose tax and an ear tax would be in order here because it would break Mr. Waxman right off the bat. He needs to have some surgery done, he is so gross looking he belongs in a side show in a circus, the whole concept of a tax for energy is stupid because it will unmask the true reason the auto companies failed, that would be 4 dollar gas and higher costs for electricity , mark these words if this passes we will see a shut down of the economy we have never even thought of . The Consumer will not spend money on other items as long as their extra change is going for energy costs,. any new free energy systems available out there ??? ha ha ha . I have written my congress man and my senator and the only one that has any concept of reality is Mr. G. Voinovich. I hope other districts has a few of these also . But write them never quit writing them, it is the only way to get them off of this destructive tax and spend .

  7. bicballpoint Says:

    Hey Jcscuba,

    Tony Blair aand Gordon Brown got elected into office on a platform of, “Watch our lips, no new taxes!” “We will have an open and honest government that is whiter than white.”

    Once elected they taxed everything in sight and embarked upon one of the most widespread campaigns of deceit and theft in British history.

    The left follow the doctrine of if we repeat the same lie often enough, people will believe it. WE do with our hands the opposite to what we say with our lips.

    You can’t trust a socialist they have no moral guide or conscience. They will lie, steal and even kill to get what they want.
    Yiu can’t threaten anatheist with eternal damnation if they do not believe in God.

  8. dannewton Says:

    By making electricity or energy of any kind more exxpensive, how will they mitigate the impact to their crown jewel of socialism, health care. When I get an MRI, I don’t want them skimping on electricity. Are home health care nurses going to get special energy credits so that they can see clients?

    Maybe they will try a fat tax that will charge more for the good foods and less for the bad foods. But if you charge a tax on grease, then biodiesel will cost more. Baloney will have to cost more to keep you from eating so much of it when the price of steak goes up because of the corn prices being goosed by the ethanol subsidies.

    Command and control economics will only make the government look goofier and goofier as time goes on. They have to have, as time goes on newer and more gut-wrenching excuses for gathering more and more power. When individuals do silly things with their money, there is usually a firewall(unless you are married to that person) between the general population and the person who has misspent his money. When the government is unwise we all pay the price.

  9. bear865 Says:

    This is strictly a part of the plot by certain “interests” to destroy the USA period. If the USA is up, they can’t proceed with their “Metropolis” world. And unlike Fritz Lang’s film, based on his wife’s (Thea von Harbau) novel of the same name, there will be no happy ending. Yet the American people are still obtuse, abstruse, and mercurial, and we really do not even understand ourselves. Out there is a domestic “Pearl Harbor” button, and as Admiral Yamamoto said about the American foreign affairs “Pearl Harbor” button before that ill-advised attack, get ready to have your gonads kicked bloody, if we do this thing. Q.E.D.

  10. paddleman Says:

    You know when the lefties start to question the new frontiers of Obamaland, perhaps the magnetism has warn off. Everything everyone who managed to stay free of the mystic aura of embellished leftism was thinking, is essentially happening. What a propitious moment in time to ram down our throats things that will, in time, come back to haunt us horribly.

  11. jcscuba Says:

    Yea but Obama promised no new taxes for people under $250,000 so I won’t have to pay.!

    • bear865 Says:

      Want to buy a bridge? I have one for sale.

    • drgroovejb Says:

      I hope you are being facetious jcscuba. Chairman ‘bama is about to shower EVERYBODY with new and higher taxes. He has to to fund the New Fascist States of America (NFSofA)

      Oh yeah I forgot! ‘bama gave 95% of the American tax payers a tax cut. Let’s see it was $13.00 a week right? Damn. if I save all month and add $20.00 more I can go on a date with my wife.I think they call that “chump change” in the ghettos of Chicago.

      • bear865 Says:

        I thought he was being facetious. If I did not believe that, I would have never offered him a bridge I have no legal title to. But wait. Isn’t that close to what Obumba and the radical left are all about? Are not they trying the same things? After all if you sell stolen goods, you really can’t pass legal title to them. But since Obumba is NOT a legal president and may not be a citizen of any kind, what the hell does he care about legalities? And yes, fascism is coming upon us like an out of control, 300 car loaded coal train on a 4% downhill. At the bottom is a curve that can only be taken at 30 mph max. It will be the train wreck from hell, unless we can stop it.

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