Who needs global warming… oh yeah, farmers!

June 14, 2009

Christopher Booker writes in the Daily Telegraph:

For the second time in little over a year, it looks as though the world may be heading for a serious food crisis, thanks to our old friend “climate change”…

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10 Responses to “Who needs global warming… oh yeah, farmers!”

  1. Reports from the organizations that keep track of crops across the world are reporting unusually cold weather, late planting, lowered expectations for all grains. China is the major wheat grower, and suffering cold. Canadian crops are late going in, colder weather indicates smaller harvests. With more corn going into our gas tanks, food supplies will be down somewhat, which affects the world’s poorest the most. We could use more CO2, not less. Natural fertilizer, cold protection.

    • megarobodestructotron Says:

      By “cold protection”, do you mean “warming”?

      I might agree, except that the warming effect would not eliminate cold weather events, but merely reduce their frequency, and could cause major side effects, such as rising sea levels, which would inundate a lot of good farmland with salty water.

  2. megarobodestructotron Says:

    To those who would invoke them: conspiracy theories are generally rubbish, and thrive in the absence of critical thought.

    This is fear-mongering:
    “Global Warming is a serious risk to coastal populations, the environment, crop yields, etc…”

    This is reasoned objection:
    “Global Warming is a hoax perpetrated by ruling elites to enslave/destroy the human race.”

    Object to Global Warming theory as a scientist would, not by adopting a more extreme version of the rhetorical strategy you criticize. I don’t mean to be belittling, but such statements should not be allowed to stand without challenge.

    • kong99 Says:

      Yeah, the anti global warming comment is pretty extreme. I think that global warming is a scam in order to achieve the objectives of politicians and environmentalists. Even though I have heard environmentalists specifically say they want the destruction of civilization, I’d hope that’s not the objective of our government or most environmentalists. I do believe, however, that the results of CO2 emission laws are going to have a far worse impact on our country than what they think it will.

  3. kong99 Says:

    This is getting downright rediculous. You can’t hardly read an article any more by the lefties that doesn’t blame global warming. Of course, they were getting embarrassed by saying “global warming” while there was 20 feet of snow on the ground, so they had to change it to “climate change”.

    Farmers have been losing crops to the environment since the first day of growing crops. The earth has endured conditions in the extremes far worse than any of us have ever seen, and there wasn’t any industrialization going through those periods.

    Other planets are going through global warming, too. Wow, we are just too good. We can impact other planets, too.

    The sun’s history of solar spot activity just happens to coincide with the extreme variations of the earth’s climate changes. Wow, we are even better than I thought. Our industries even cause sun spots….via effecting the earth which in turn causes the sun spots as the climate changes occur.

    Just using those examples alone, how could anyone believe that global warming is caused by man. The behavior of the sun and other planets miraculously coincide with the behavior of earth’s climate changes caused by man.

    Wow, I see snow in the picture of that article. If it wasn’t for industry, that never would have happened.

    Death to the environmental movement.

    • bear865 Says:

      DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER. They are the ones who are feeding the Useful Idiots all the crap re CO2 and the UIs are the fools who are swallowing it hook, line, and sinkger, and those now in power are all to willing to make use of the Useful Idiots so they can turn us all into slaves, that is those of us they do not genocide. “Pelosi, Waxman and His Wholly Reluctance God/King Obama will make sure there’s a fair distribution of misery by making sure the remaining food crops are used for alternative fuels.” This is really the plan, so long as the monied elites can remain in power, there is nothing they will not do to remain there, and to garner even MORE power than they now have. This is all THEIR PLOT!!! DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!

      • kong99 Says:

        I don’t know how deep their intentions go, but I know the scam is being used to achieve agendas that have nothing to do with global warming. In my opinion, I think the libs are using it to force socialist agendas down our throats. As far as the environmentalists, some of them are VERY extreme, actually wanting to reduce the earth’s population down to a billion people (some even want less than that).

        I’m not saying you’re wrong, because I really don’t know EXACTLY what the end game is. All I know is that the laws that are going to be put in place in the name of a scam are going to be very damaging to the world. We must stop the agenda, because no matter what the end game is we’re not looking at a great future as a result.

  4. cbullitt Says:

    Don’t worry. Pelosi, Waxman and His Wholly Reluctance God/King Obama will make sure there’s a fair distribution of misery by making sure the remaining food crops are used for alternative fuels.

  5. megarobodestructotron Says:

    My main criticism of the article is the mismatch between climate change and weather. Year-to-year variations are noise in climate science, whether or not one believes the climate is cooling or warming.

    If severe climate change does occur in the coming decades, though, it will be an exacerbating influence on the more significant problem (in terms of food availability) of population growth.

    • bear865 Says:

      We probably live in an electric universe. Our whole cosmology in therefore probably flawed today. Trace that down to “climatology” and it is the nonlinear electrical currents that flow throughout this Universe, including in our solar system that are more responsible for climate change (because of the nonlinear variability of them would cause nonlinear variability in the Sun) than anything else. So we had better understand the Sun and how it really works, so we may be able to adapt to stuff it has thrown at this planet before and will again. I just don’t think we can really predict when, again, because it is all NONLINEAR.

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