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Climate of hatred: Prominent scientist refused service due to skepticism

June 16, 2009

Prominent MIT physicist and global warming skeptic, Richard Lindzen, was recently refused the services of a Boston-area art appraiser because of global warming.

As Lindzen described in an e-mail:

In our recent house fire, an 18th century oriental rug was burnt, and we needed an appraisal of its value for our insurance. We were referred to a dealer, [name withheld], who agreed to do the appraisal. However, when my wife, Nadine, brought him the burnt rug, he rudely turned her away saying that he had sent me an email explaining his position…

Here’s the text of the art appraiser’s e-mail to Lindzen:

I am sorry to inform you that after some consideration, I’ve decided not to perform the appraisal service that you’ve requested. Your writing on the subject of global warming is offensive to me personally, and I feel that I would have difficulty being an impartial appraiser of value given my view on the subject.

If you’re not familiar with Lindzen, here’s a clip from his bio:

Prof. Lindzen is a recipient of the American Meteorological Service’s Meisinger, and Charney Awards, the American Geophysical Union’s Macelwane Medal, and the Leo Huss Walin Prize. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, and the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters, and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society. He is a corresponding member of the NAS Committee on Human Rights, and has been a member of the NRC Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate and the Council of the AMS.

So maybe the art appraiser should stick to appraising art?

Tom Friedman or aFraidman?

June 16, 2009

As part of a recent green campaign against Steve Milloy’s new book Green Hell — click here for the Earth First! smear — the green BuildIntelBlog put up a virtual debate between Milloy and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, author of the book Hot, Flat and Crowded.

Milloy actually had this sort of idea first and, in a May 11 e-mail, suggested to Friedman a real live debate of the themes of their books. Alas, Friedman has not responded.

Perhaps Friedman’s enthusiastic agreement to the challenge was lost somewhere in electronic oblivion or, perhaps, like Al Gore and other alarmists, he’s simply aFraidman.

So which is it, Mr. Friedman?

Hmmm... could  I really defend 'Hot, Flat & Crowded'?

Hmmm... could I really defend 'Hot, Flat & Crowded'?

Video: Green crematorium

June 16, 2009

Following up on a bizarre Daily Telegraph article about a British crematorium that would only burn corpses wearing eco-friendly clothes, I found this great video indicating that green cremation is a multicultural phenomenon:

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Obama climate czar deja vu: Browner no stranger to law-breaking?

June 16, 2009

Obama climate czar Carol Browner, accused by House Republicans last week of deliberately violating the Presidential Records Act, seems to be no stranger to abusing, possibly illegally, her government power.

In 1995 when House Republicans were pushing their “Contract With America” legislative proposals, Rep. David McIntosh (R-IN) accused then-EPA Administrator Browner of…

… breaking the law by sending out fact sheets and news releases on the bill, which is part of the Republicans’ Contract With America…

… according to the New York Times.

Federal agencies are barred by the Hatch Act from lobbying Congress on their own behalf.

The Times article laughed off the accusations since

… the law is rarely enforced…

… which is what you’d expect when the law-breakers and law-enforcers are part of the same administration.

Spotted Owl of Solar Power?

June 16, 2009

This one-inch fish is shaping up to be the excuse for blocking water-cooled solar projects on public lands in Western deserts:


Remember the allegedly endangered spotted owl that nearly brought timber harvesting in California to a halt in the 1980s? Not only was the spotted owl never “endangered,” but now with logging greatly reduced, it (and all else) faces an even more devastating threat — uncontrollable forest fires. Go green, yeah!

So now we have a situation where there’s a “planetary emergency” (just ask Al Gore) and where solar power could be part of the solution to the alleged problem. But because of the one-inch pupfish that lives in desert pools (a vital part of the global ecosystem?), the solution to the emergency can’t be implemented. Go green, yeah!

Click here for today’s Wall Street Journal story on the all-important pupfish.

Climate change you can believe in…

June 16, 2009

Ahead of the release of the US Global Change Research Program‘s new study, Thomas R. Karl, director of NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center told the New York Times,

“[Climate change is] not just happening in the Arctic regions, but it’s beginning to show up in our backyards.”

Indeed it is. Tomorrow’s forecast for my backyard in Potomac, MD is a high of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The average high for June is 85 degrees.

Hey, maybe the Kyoto Protocol is working after all?

NOAA's Thomas Karl forecasts climate change you can believe in...

NOAA's Thomas Karl forecasts climate change you can believe in...

... and today's weahther map bears him out... OK, so the change is in a different direction... details... details...

... and today's weahther map bears him out... OK, so the change is in a different direction... details... details...