Spotted Owl of Solar Power?

June 16, 2009

This one-inch fish is shaping up to be the excuse for blocking water-cooled solar projects on public lands in Western deserts:


Remember the allegedly endangered spotted owl that nearly brought timber harvesting in California to a halt in the 1980s? Not only was the spotted owl never “endangered,” but now with logging greatly reduced, it (and all else) faces an even more devastating threat — uncontrollable forest fires. Go green, yeah!

So now we have a situation where there’s a “planetary emergency” (just ask Al Gore) and where solar power could be part of the solution to the alleged problem. But because of the one-inch pupfish that lives in desert pools (a vital part of the global ecosystem?), the solution to the emergency can’t be implemented. Go green, yeah!

Click here for today’s Wall Street Journal story on the all-important pupfish.

3 Responses to “Spotted Owl of Solar Power?”

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  3. sbartsch Says:

    Snail Darter II?

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