PETA embraces puppy-killer Che Guevara

June 19, 2009

PETA has embraced the puppy-killing revolutionary Che Guevara in a new ad campaign that features Che’s granddaughter, Lydia Guevara.

PETA’s ad quotes Che as saying

“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.”

PETA goes on to note that,

Well, it looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Che Guevara’s granddaughter, Lydia Guevara, is following in her revolutionary granddad’s footsteps by calling for a “vegetarian revolution.”

Here’s a campaign photo of Lydia trying to imitate Che’s iconic image:

Guevara Granddaughter

But is Che Guevara really someone that PETA wants to snuggle up to? Che is, after all, a puppy murderer.

Here’s the story of Che’s horrific act that occurred while he and his men were on a combat patrol in November 1957, as recounted in Jon Lee Anderson’s 1997 book, Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life (Grove Press).

[Caution: The following text is not for the squeamish]

As the soldiers advanced up the Mar Verde Valley, Che and his men stuck to the flanking forested hills, trying to catch up to them without being seen. They tried to speed up their pace, but discovered that their new mascot, a puppy, had stubbornly trailed them. Che ordered the fighter who was looking after the puppy, a man named Felix, to make it go back, but the little dog continued trotting loyally behind. They reached an arroyo where they rested, and the puppy inexplicably began howling; the men tried to hush it with comforting words, but the little dog didn’t stop. Che ordered it killed. “Felix looked at me with eyes that said nothing,” Che wrote later. “Very slowly he took out a rope, wrapped it around the animal’s neck, and began to tighten it. The cute little movements of the dog’s tail suddenly became convulsive, before gradually dying out, accompanied by a steady moan that escaped from its throat despite the firm grasp. I don’t know how long it took for the end to come, but to all of us it seemed like forever. With one nervous twitch the puppy stopped moving. There it lay, sprawled out, its little head spread over the twigs.”

PETA recently let President Obama off the hook for killing a fly during an interview in the White House because,

As we all know, human beings often don’t think before they act.

Will this rationalization will be applied to the people-as-well-as-puppy-murdering Che as well?

Viva la revolución de hipocresía!

10 Responses to “PETA embraces puppy-killer Che Guevara”

  1. yonason Says:

    Of course PETA and Che are vultures of a feather…

    (Careful. Strong Language Alert)

  2. […] PETA embraces puppy-killer Che Guevara PETA has embraced the puppy-killing revolutionary Che Guevara in a new ad campaign that features Che’s […] […]

  3. Reaver99 Says:

    PETA has always been a media whore. They don’t even care about the animals they claim are their reason for being. All they ever care about are ever escalating publicity stunts that help them solicit donations, to fund even more stunts and generate more donations.

  4. TokyoTom Says:

    Steven, when did your grandfather stop beating your grandmother?

  5. jameshrust Says:

    Most people have probably forgotten; but one of the most famous vegetarians of the last century was Adolph Hitler. He wanted to rule people’s lives and look at the horror that followed.

    I have seen a remarkable similarity to those who support anthropogenic global warming and those who supported National Socialism in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. A paper on Aryan Science will follow one of these days to show the similarities.

  6. bear865 Says:

    Another bunch of totally ignorant useful idiots. Most humans are omnivores, and can’t help it. A test was done with heavy doses of Vitamin B-1 some decades back. B-1 is water soluble so you can’t poison yourself on it. If you took the B-1 (1 gram I believe) and reacted with hot flashes, reddening of the face, and sweating, you have to have meat in your diet, or you would eventually starve to death. If you did not, you could probably get along as a vegetarian. So what is PETA up to now? Trying to tell whoever or whatever created humans that they screwed it up. They ought to remember that lightning can strike from the sky, even from out of the blue. In that case, I think PETA members would be found to be at the top of the potential list of targets for these bolts from the blue.

  7. spren Says:

    What is ridiculous is that anyone gives airtime to this crew of misfits or pays any attention to what they say.

    This is the same group that while hectoring all of us about protecting and saving animals, euthanizes approximately 95% of all the dogs and cats given to them for safe keeping, the bodies of many of whom end up in dumpsters. They are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical frauds. They should be laughed at and nothing more.

  8. welder4 Says:

    who would have thought due to a few green advocates and some animals rights groups we would be fighting for the right to remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer months , it is an upside down world we live in and if we can not recognize the enemy we will suffer the same fate as the little puppy , I could see the problem they were faced with but rather then kill the dog I would have left one behind to take care of it until the troops had finished their job. I do not in any way condone his actions, he was a murderous thug who was bent on killing any one in his way. I feel that he was killed because of his unfeeling ways toward life in general he was content to see this puppy die for no reason at all. As for peta they are nuts and have no perspective on life at all , they can only see animal suffering at the hands of people who in their opinion have no right to breathe, PETA can take a leap at a rolling donut and for those who are not familiar with that phrase it means you can go to H–.

    • stmichrick Says:

      I can almost support Eva’s vegetarian revolution by virtue of the fine melons on display there…but seriously folks; how an animal rights organization can empathize with a wanton killer like Che is amazing.

      Next we’ll be hearing about the vegetarian and composting virtues of Pol Pot.

      • dublds Says:

        I’m with you. Unlike most of PETA, at least she does her media whoring by actually acting like a whore. At least that’s more dignified than the guerilla tactics of her coward grandfather.

        Has PETA thought of how offensive this may be to the many Cuban Americans (like my father and grandmother) who fled Castro/Guevera government because of the atrocities it created against PEOPLE? I guess they wouldn’t care. They clearly fully support communism.

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