Waxman blocks climate czar investigation

June 19, 2009

House Energy & Commerce Committee chairman Henry Waxman (D-Hollywood) has outsmarted House Republicans yet again.

As we reported last week, House Republicans accused Obama climate czar Carol Browner of deliberately violating the Presidential Records Act by ordering a shroud of secrecy around the development of Obama’s CAFE standards and the EPA’s CO2 endangerment finding.

To satisfy Republican demands for an investigation into Browner’s activities,  Carbon Control News reports that Waxman…

… is pledging to “monitor” and potentially hold hearings on the decision-making process behind EPA’s proposed finding that carbon dioxide endangers public health…

Carbon Control News also reported that,

Democrats… may be willing to investigate the issue given their own interest in obtaining Bush-era EPA documents…

So chalk up another victory for the wily Waxman over dim-witted congressional Republicans.

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Republican, Be he alive, or be he dead I'll have his bones to grind my bread.

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Republican, Be he alive, or be he dead I'll have his bones to grind my bread.

Waxman has protected Carol Browner while giving up nothing except vague promises. And if Waxman is somehow forced into investigating the Obama-Browner endangerment finding, he’ll drag the Bush administration into the investigation — something he’s wanted to do for years and something he knows House Republicans wouldn’t want to happen.

Carol Browner, an acknowledged socialist, also continues her streak of Republican-trouncing.

She single-handedly defeated congressional Republican efforts at regulatory reform in 1995, thumbed her nose at the Republican-controlled Congress in issuing the infamous junk science-fueled 1997 air quality standards and, now in 2009, has twice dodged congressional scrutiny of her White House activities — earlier this year,  she also ducked congressional confirmation hearings.

Waxman, Browner and the Democrats play to win — and win they do. I’m not sure why the Charlie Brown-like congressional Republicans play at all.

When will congressional Republicans learn?

When will congressional Republicans learn?

11 Responses to “Waxman blocks climate czar investigation”

  1. xtimla Says:

    eisenhouer was a murderer, he starved about 800 thousand german pows after the war!! then repatriated more into the arms of the red army where rape and murder was the amusements of the day.Did you know madeline albrights father was a high ranking rabbi in close with stalin?she said it was nesecery to starve 50 thousand children to get the “goal”when the military is implemented against their own citizens I hope the spec 4’s remeber they cant be used that way and join us in rebellion that will get us all killed. so much wong oh so wong.jumpin jaysus save us.

  2. xtimla Says:

    If you believe in the political farce you are then lost.. Do not vote, you are just aggreeing to be ruled by the psychopath you voted in. you wonder about this system? why it is all screwy? it is because that is the way they want it to cause us to retreat in apathy or zombie hood.They view us with contempt and keep us as ignorant as possible with controlled media. american press is most controlled of all i.e. not free or trustworthy.look at oba,ma’s cabinet, these are the bois n gurls doing the bidding of their tippy top masters i.e. world bankers.God never saved anyone.

  3. yonason Says:

    OK, I guess I’m a little slow. What will documents from the Bush era prove? And why would demanding them be a problem? I say, let them have them and keep the pressure on them. Of course, the Reps don’t have the MSM echo chamber to keep their complaints alive the way the Dems did, which is a major drawback. So it’s important for Americans who get their news from the internet to start letting their representatives know they are tired of the Democrat deceit and corruption. If that doesn’t happen, there will be no change.

  4. dublds Says:

    Bear865, you are the epitome of what is wrong with this country. Your want of complaining far exceeds your want of doing anything involving any effort on your part including reading and thinking.

    So that you know THERE ALREADY IS A CONSTITUTION PARTY. It is rooted in constitutional conservatism and Judeo Christian rights and values. The latter trait distinguishes them slightly from another constitutional conservative party The Libertarian Party. They tend to believe more strongly in consitutional conservatism including NO TAXES, the principle upon which this country was founded, while preferring the existing separation of church and state.

    See there are many “third” parties. Most of them are conservative in nature, and welcoming of disenfranchised republicans. But most conservatives choose to indulge themselves in the same ignorance that can be found on the left, and remain solidly behind the Republican Party, no matter how badly they blow it, because it’s what’s on TV.

    When you’re really ready to use that thing behind your eyeballs, my party, the Libertarian Party, would love to have you. But if you want to be another Steven Milloy, a man I have great respect for, but who wastes too much of his intelligence making dimwit excuses for Republican failures then hey, that’s all you. After all it’s a free country…for now.

  5. lanczos Says:

    Awww c’mon. The Wimpublicans cannot be expected to argue any substantive issue. Upon the first hint of confrontation, their tendency is to slither under the nearest rock, whimpering, “I’m not a racist! I’m not a sexist! I’m not…” Slither, slither, slither.

    So now the RAT party has the bit in their teeth, and they are under no idiotic illusion about “sharing power” with the Wimpublicans. But this means that they will bear total responsibility for what is about to happen. (That is, if there are any Wimps who will campaign against them on that basis next year.)

    If there is anything about which the RATs are totally ignorant, it is the economy (though the Wimps aren’t far behind them in that regard.) For example, both parties actually believe that U.S. wealth creation can never end. And the REALLY bad part of the “recession” hasn’t even started yet…

  6. higgy68 Says:

    bear865 – You are no different than tens of millions of us that believe in the Constitution of the United States. I would like to see each and every member of congress forced to sit down and read the Constitution because, Like me, they took an oath to protect and defend it; and I doubt most of them even know what it contains. It feels like we are in a one party system now, a second party, truly based on the Constitution, would be a revolutionary idea.

  7. dannewton Says:

    I think we already know more about the Climate Czar than the climate. The government has been funding global warming studies for over ten years. They can not possibly say they made a mistake. Who will apologize for misspending this money? Maybe it will be the same ones who were sorry about the money wasted chasing UFO’s and Remote Viewing.

  8. moronpolitics Says:

    Bush ignored the constitution where? I can’t wait to hear this one. Uhh, didn’t declare war? BS. Fired US attorneys? they were designed to be fired. Come on, what? Everybody has to “touch the Bush stone” like throwing salt over your shoulder if you criticize a “black president you racist”

  9. c024al Says:

    All in THE PLAN—Rome, Rome, Rome–Fools,Fools, Fools—————

  10. bear865 Says:

    I am sure this is all well orchestrated. The “republicans” play their parts as dimwits and the “democrats” well . . .

    I am a disenfranchised sojourning Eisenhower Republican. I am cut loose. I am adrift. I have no place to go. I suspect there are a lot of Democrats out there who feel the same way about their “party” any more too.

    I suspect we disenfranchised Republicans and Democrats are going to have to reach an accord whereby we become a new party, I would say a Constitutional Party and once we do, raise more hell than has ever seen before in this Nation. We have got to move quickly, however, because The Constitution is being smothered because it is being ignored. It was ignored a lot by Bush, more by “Barry”, a/k/a ???????.

    In the unification of the disenfranchised, I would help, but I am afraid I would not make a very popular leader. I have too much of a habit of telling the unvarnished truth (as I see it) in a very plain, bluff, and blunt way. I suppose that is because I was born, raised, and initially educated (K-12) in Western Nebraska. The few people who live out there tend to be like me, different.

    Still, God save The Constitution and The Republic for which it stands. And everyone should get and read “10 Books that Screwed Up the World, etc.” He needed to include one more book and I will ask him to in the next edition: “Silent Sprint”!!

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