Greens issue unprecedented threat: ‘No’ votes on Waxman-Markey get no endorsements in 2010

June 25, 2009

The League of Conservation Voters issued the following “unprecedented” threat to Congress on June 23:

In light of the tremendous importance of this legislation, LCV has made the unprecendented decision that we will not endorse any member of the House of Representatives in the 2010 election cycle who votes against this historic bill.

Click here for the LCV letter.

This is no idle threat since, as recounted in Green Hell, the LCV was instrumental in making Barack Obama a U.S. Senator in 2004 and, well, you know the rest…

15 Responses to “Greens issue unprecedented threat: ‘No’ votes on Waxman-Markey get no endorsements in 2010”

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  2. susieqamerica Says:

    I’m sure that they received a number of letters like this from a variety of “green” groups and those who have a strong financial benefit from Cap and Trade.

    Letters like this can be an effective tool to those with life-time political goals. It can also work in our favor.

    When contacting your Representatives always (firm and politely) remind them that they work for us, We The People, NOT special interest groups.

    When you find your Rep pandering or benefiting from special interests, call them out on it and let everybody else know that they are not fit to serve. Vote them out.

    They need to fear us. That’s fear in both meanings, including having respect for us.

  3. higgy68 Says:

    Even if the fraudulent Waxman=Markey bill passes the house we still have the senate. If it passes the senate and is signed, it can be repealed by changing the complexion of congress in 2010. We must change the makeup of congress in 2010; we can’t wait until 2012 because by then there will be no country left to save!

  4. nigelf Says:

    In 2012 not voting for this bill will almost assure your election.

  5. bicballpoint Says:

    These conservationists have no interest in conserving the American Way of Life, Freedom of speech, or democracy.

    They want to destroy not conserve, these power mad commies are a threat to everyone.

  6. bear865 Says:

    Perhaps he should try to intimidate not only the congressmen, but also the people of their districts. If so, I suggest he start in the 3rd District of Western Nebraska. Let him go out there and try to intimidate people. There are real cowboys out there, and in general, a sparse but vocal population would probably know how to give him a warm welcome. Is the term “necktie party” evocative of anything within you. Oh, it would not be a real, 19th Century neckties party, but there would be a modern equivalent, which he certainly would live through, but during which, I am sure he would rather be somewhere else.

  7. higgy68 Says:

    Karpinski is a member of the ultra left wing trying to destroy this country. He and his organization doesn’t care about conservation or the environment. All he is looking for is power, just like the POTUS. If they succeed they will turn this country into a dictatorship. If you have ever read Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. We will be all equal, it’s just that some will be more equal than others.

  8. johnnylucid Says:


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  11. bear865 Says:

    Conservation voters like hell!! Conservationists are NOT environmentalists!! BIG DIFFERENCE!! Conservationists, such as myself, are as anti “green” as you can find!!

    And there are indications that the people are not buying into homocentric “global warming” (an obvious fraud) and that the people know that this is a raid on their already unfairly strained pocketbooks. No matter how much these jackasses rant and rave, even the most Machiavellian of the members of out “Con’gress” should know that if they buy into this, it is very likely they will be out on their backsides in 2010. That is, provided “The One” does not find some way to cancel all further elections in this Nation and to make himself Dictator for Life. No. The indications are that “green power” is going to be something to be avoided in the erstwhile 2010 elections, if any of those morons in both the Senate (those who have to run) and the House want to keep their seats.

    And BTW, throwing them all out, especially in the House, is certainly an idea of great merit too. But we will have to go back to paper ballots and a totally transparent election process before we can do that, I am afraid.

  12. jabba207 Says:

    I think we need a clean slate. Let’s work to ensure NO ONE currently in public office is re-elected.

  13. […] Greens issue unprecedented threat: ‘No’ votes on Waxman-Markey get no endorsements in 2010 […]

  14. welder4 Says:

    they are not conservative in any way shape or form they are nut jobs who want us to pay and pay and pay I wish now that there was a bounty on environmentalists. they have cost us dearly in increased energy cost and we ain’t seen nothing yet just wait till you are paying more for your energy cost then you do you house payment, it is coming !

    • marcopolo64 Says:

      Is there an organization that can issue a reverse threat that is members of congress vote for W-M, we will not endorse them?

      By the way, “welder4” they don’t claim to be “conservative,” but “CONSERVATION voters.” Honest mistake.

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