Must-see video: Boehner Filibuster

June 26, 2009

14 Responses to “Must-see video: Boehner Filibuster”

  1. moronpolitics Says:

    As much as I despise the eight turncoat Republicans DON’T fall for any call to oust them. The spineless bums will vote with any majority including a Republican one. Don’t replace them with Democrats. Go after the Dems, carefully finding out which are vulnerable and concentrating efforts first in the primary to weaken them and then to destroy them in the general election. Please listen to me. Don’t start purging and purifying our own party like the fools we have been in the past. That is how we lost congress in 2006 and EVERYTHING in 2008. FIRST get control of congress. Both houses. Play smart or keep losing. One more foolish election and this country is gone.

    • drgroovejb Says:

      Absolutely correct!! We must play smart or we WILL lose this country totally in 2010. If Barry The Bolshevik is allowed to have a second term in 2012, this country will crumble into civil war.

      We are, at this moment, teetering towards the abyss of “soft” totalitarianism. And soft will careen into hard sooner that later.

  2. drgroovejb Says:

    Now we have the seeds of the beginning of a “green mafia”. Who will be the “don”. Al Gore, Barry the Bolshevik?

    Like prostitution, gambling and drugs “carbon credits” will become the new, graft and all on the backs of the American citizen. It is like “protection” money. The gov (epa) goes to companies and threatens them in order to collect.

    All in the guise of “environmental protection” and with the help of the fed gov, energy companies will raise their prices and illegally trade carbon credits. All of this is foisted on the consumer as higher prices.

    Just like the mafia of old only the little guy suffers.

  3. techgm Says:

    We have the Republicans to thank for the Dems having the seats to run this abomination through. When Republicans had majorities in both houses and held the presidency, they behaved like frat boys. Boehner’s indignation and pleadings would have been better used 4 years ago.

    He needs a new hair style, too.

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  5. skipcashwell Says:

    Eight (8) Republicans either did not show up to vote (2) or were total turncoats (6).

    With the monstrous bill passing by just eight (8) votes – and look at the number of courageous Democrats who voted against it – who are these so-called Republicans. What a bunch of traitorous wimps!

    Not Voting AZ-6 Flake, Jeff [R]

    Aye CA-45 Bono Mack, Mary [R]

    Aye DE-0 Castle, Michael [R]

    New Jersey
    Aye NJ-2 LoBiondo, Frank [R]
    Aye NJ-4 Smith, Christopher [R]
    Aye NJ-7 Lance, Leonard [R]

    Not Voting OK-1 Sullivan, John [R]

    Aye WA-8 Reichert, Dave [R]

  6. sundog47 Says:

    Wait, I thought the #1 concern of the Boner was the security of the people.
    I think we could replace the entire US government with the population of the federal prison system and never notice a damn thing different.

    • mike5301 Says:

      Sundog47’s comment about not noticing a difference if the government was replaced by criminals is absurd. Things would likely improve under the leadership of convicted felons. The real problem comes in figuring out which batch of criminals is which. The only real difference between politicians and convicted felons is the conviction.

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  8. bear865 Says:

    If this thing is to be beaten, we will have to beat it in the Senate. But remember, regardless, Barry is NOT a legal sitting president and by his signature, it cannot become law. Once he signs it, they will start to try to enforce it. At that time, we will all have to see where we can violate the bill in the old American tradition of:


    This may mean criminal prosecution in court, but it will force the court in question to order the release of Obumba’s vaulted Hawaiian birth certificate and of his Columbia Pestaversity Records. (If I am not incorrect, some organization already got the junior college records, all against Barry, in California under the California FOIA – AMAZING if true.)

    It is the only way. Some of us are going to have to “sit at the ‘white’s only’ lunch counter” to show that Barry is probably not even an American Citizen of any kind, let alone a “natural born” one as The Constitution (sorry, still in force no matter how much “they” ignore it) requires to be qualified for president.

    Will it be me? It depends on the opportunity I perceive. I would not go into anything like that without a fully loaded “gun”, i.e., well prepared legal materials to attack prosecution on these (and any other) grounds I then thought appropriate!!


    • bicballpoint Says:

      It seems to me, as an old fool in his dotage, that to combat these carbon taxing swindlers we need do nothing more drastic than render their legislation useless.

      As their stated aim (the lies they use to justify swindling the world’s population)is to reduce carbon emissions, all we have to do is threaten to light a fire in our back yards, each and every night.

      The resulting emissions of from millions of small fires burning every night would negate any emission curs by power geberators or industry.

      ‘Burm a Fire for Freedom!’

      What do you guys think?

  9. tonyrohl Says:

    If there is one positive to this disaster, it’s that Obama and his family will live to see the damage he has wrought upon America.History will not judge him kindly.

    • bear865 Says:

      I don’t think Barry gives a rat’s ass how history judges him. The history will be written by his people unless we can bring this fiasco to a grinding halt quickly. After all he then WILL be “The One”.

  10. drgroovejb Says:

    Well, it passed 219 to 212. We have officially become a soft totalitarian country. The revolution looms just around the corner.

    I am going to send a bill for the difference in my utility bills every month to the idiot, liberal fool congressmen from my state.

    I will continue to monitor CO2 and AGT and I will send an update to all US congressmen from my state.

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